What Is A Coin Blank ?

A coin blank is a metal disc onto which a coin will be struck. The blank is punched in its round form from a strip of machined coin alloy and has not gone through the process of  upsetting mill, which raises the rims on the blank and turns it into a planchet.

 A blank that doesn't  gone through the process of  upsetting mill used to be called a Type 1 blank. The planchet was called a Type 2 blank.

When referring to ancient coins, or coins made on cast metal discs, the term flan is frequently used instead of blank or planchet. The blank must be turned into a planchet before it can become an actual struck Malaysia coin.

If it is made of silver, it is almost impossible to authenticate, but if it's clad, an expert in error coins could probably authenticate it, in which case (if authentic) it's worth maybe RM50 or more. Keep in mind that a genuine coin blank will have a rough, perhaps sharp edge, and the blank may be off-color or grainy looking, depending on what part of the coin blank processing phase it was in when it left the mint.

Beware of nice, shiny looking coin blanks with no upraised rim and a smooth edge. These usually just counterfeit blanks made to deceive vending machines.


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