COINS OF TERENGGANU (1725-1800)   

  Terengganu was an important trading centre in the 14th century. Gold Mas and Kupang coins were minted in Terrengganu. There appears to have been only three varieties of the gold coins. The first, a gold Kupang, was dated 1120 Ah (1708). The second variety consisted of an octagonal gold Mas and the third, a gold Kupang; both of these are undated. Towards the beginning of the 19th century, pewter/tin coins (Keping or Pitis) were introduced. The tin coins of Terengganu were demonetized with effect from 21 march, 1934.

   The Terengganu pitis had two shapes i.e. sun-ray shaped and tree trunk shaped, which were made from tin. Both were casted using the lost wax method which was used around 1700. The coins attached to the tree had the inscription of Kali Malik Al-Adil. The coins were modelled in wax before clay was applied around them and there was an outlet for the molten wax. Then the clay was baked. When it was still hot, the molten wax was let out, leaving the impressions behind. Then molten tin was quickly poured into the mould, eventually forming coins. Usually the coins are separated from the trees as soon as they were cast and the branches were melted down for recycling. It was only as a symbol of wealth that people then would carry the whole coin tree.

Duit Syiling Negeri Terengganu (1700-1900)

  Terengganu merupakan pusat perdagangan yang penting dalam abad ke 14. Mas emas dan duit-duit syiling Kupang ditempa di Terengganu. Hanya tedapat tiga jenis duit syiling emas tersebut. Pertama, Kupang emas bertarikh 1120 H (1708). Jenis kedua terdiri daripada Mas emas bersegi lapan dan jenis ketiga, terdiri daripada Kupang emas dan kedua-duanya tidak bertarikh. Menjelang awal abad ke-19, duit-duit syiling piuter/timah (Keping atau Pitis) telah diperkenalkan. Duit-duit syiling timah Terengganu tidak sah diperlakukan berkuatkuasa mulai 21hb. MAC, 1934.

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  Pitis negeri Terengganu mempunyai 2 bentuk iaitu bentuk pancaran matahari dan berbentuk batang pokok, yang diperbuat daripada timah. Kedua-duanya ditempa dengan menggunakan cara cairan lilin yang digunakan sekitar tahun 1700. Duit-duit syiling yang melekat pada pokok duit mempunyai tulisan Kali Malik Al-Adil. Bentuk duit syiling dibuat dengan menggunakan lilin sebelum tanah liat ditempek sekelilingnya dan dibuat satu lubang dengan menggunakan lilin yang telah cair. Kemudian tanah liat tersebut dibakar. Semasa ianya masih panas, lilin yang telah menjadi cair dikeluarkan, tetapi kesan bentuknya masih terdapat pada tanah liat tersebut. Lepas itu, timah yang telah dicairkan dimasukkan dengan segera ke dalam acuan, yang seterusnya membentuk duit-duit syiling.

Biasanya, duit-duit syiling diceraikan dari pohonnya sebaik sehaja ianya ditempa dan batang-batangnya akan dilebur untuk digunakan semula. Tujuan seseorang membawa pohon pitis yang lengkap ialah untuk menunjukkan kekayaannya.


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  3. Hi Dickson,
    These tin coin trees are unique.
    Very interesting numismatic items.
    Among some of our local great numismatic heritage.
    Nice article, Dickson :)

  4. Hi Dickson.
    I was the one who went over your shop when you were away for the auction thing.Rather not say my name here.

    Anyways, i got interested in recollecting coins after i read in the news that they found malay/portuguese coins in Malacca and some in Terengganu and starting reading bits and pieces here and there and actually found your post (this post) that made me go out there and start collecting again.

    Then i did manage to find a set of Terengganu and Johore coins at Mr. Bob Chews(i suppose he is Mr Bob Chew as i was there when the animal ingot arrived) shop.

    I was so excited, bought them and didn't want to bother Mr. Chew much as they were so busy with 'more' important matters at the time, and I went straight home.

    As i reached home, i started reading the information on the packaging and started looking at these coins. And to my dismay, i found out the back of these coins are flat and without any (or if very little) prints/marks.

    So having only the Stephen Tans book, which wasnt much of a help on this case, i'm wondering where can i get Saran Singhs book? I got my Stephen Tans book at Pertama Complex,which i had to go a few times before actually getting the book as the operation time is not all too friendly for working people like me.So it would be great if you could share a place where i can access easily to get this book.

    Those aside, i had decided to do the tin coin forgery test based from one of your post. And i did. And i can actually feel it bent. But then i stopped. So does this mean that these packaged coins are fakes?

    Last but not least, i started reading local numis sites from lunaticg, and stumbled here. I think you guys are doing a great job. Coz i can tell you for sure, you guys did re-fired my passion. Thank you.

  5. Hi Sugar Coated Candyman,
    The market are "dry" of Saran Singh book.Very difficult to get a copy now,many collectors are looking for it!
    You may come to my shop to do your research on my copy of Saran Singh book.
    Tin coins,especially the Johor Katun mostly are with reverse in blank.Few were blank on the obverse.Many of the Terengganu Tin coins were blank on the reverse too.
    I am terrible sorry for not being able to attend to you during that day you was visiting my shop as i was busy doing MNS authentication.
    You are most welcome to visit me again,please call me in advance as I am always on the run.
    You are also most welcome back to numismatic and hope you enjoy this 'King of Hobbies'.
    Please contact me (as you got my numbers) anytime if you need my assistant ! Happy Niewmismatic and happy week end!

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    Try to download a e-copy of Saran Singh Book from the website,I had seen on the net and can be downloaded for free! (hope is still available)
    Good luck Bro!

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    Btw you do sleep late ya? Didn't expect your reply so soon.

    So while i am replying this, i had a look back at the tin coin i bent earlier and guess what... i saw a chipped part.I'm not sure why i am so excited.. maybe because i just found out it IS fake.. or maybe i just quite a bit too disappointed with my first set of revival collection. So i have taken the liberty to scan it and post it to http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg814/scaled.php?server=814&filename=scambob.jpg&res=landing . Thot you'd have a look. At the crack area I can see a silverish metal. Maybe i can scan a better one or bring it to you the next time.

    Niewnismatic: I hope i can buy one to support Sarans work. But since you guys say it scarce, then i might just do what you suggested. Itd be great if you could post the link. Im sure to buy the book if i find one outside.


  8. Sugar Coated Candyman,
    Hope to see your fake tin coin.
    I am so sorry because I couldn't find the link of Saran Singh ebook.Try your very best to buy one,some time on ebay his book is for sale.Good luck!

  9. boleh tau nilai malik al adil di pasaran?

  10. Hi Mohammad Khairol,
    Nilai malik al adil di pasaran ialah antara RM50 hingga RM80 untuk condisi yang biasa dan kalau yang rare boleh menjejak hingga ratus ringgit.

  11. kali malik Al adil jrg ditemui di tragganu tetapi byk ditemui di phang..
    adakah kali malik milik trengganu or phang?