Malaysia Obsoleted  $1.00 Coin Blank.(Counterfeits)

Coin blank - a flat metal disk ready for stamping as a coin after the upsetting of its rim.
Most of the properties demanded of a coin must already be present in the initial coin blank when it is ready for striking.Weight deviations of cut blanks are mainly dependent on the variation in the thickness of the final strip used to make the blank.

Coin blanks must be free from internal defects such as porosity, lamination, and, if applicable, cladding defects. Since even the most careful manufacture does not guarantee and absolute freedom from surface flaws such as scale, scratches, indentations and stains, a final visual inspection is carried out. Keep in mind that a genuine coin blank will have a rough, perhaps sharp edge, and the blank may be off-color or grainy looking, depending on what part of the coin blank processing phase it was in when it left the mint.

Although minting presses are still working by the principle of knuckle-joint presses, they have been steadily improved and further developed. The initial performance of 40 strokes per minute has been raised up to 750 during the last few years. This means not only a high increase of the forming speed of the coinage material, but also of its running speed in contact with the coining dies. High-speed minting presses are only efficient and economical, if the relatively expensive coining tools have a long and trouble-free service-life. This implies a growing demand for coinage blanks which are very accurate to size with a high surface finish. Increasingly faster and more complicated mechanisms have been developed for the transfer of blanks to the coining tools proper. This means that coin blanks of high precision and uniformity as well as with excellent anti-frictional properties are now demanded.


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