Rusty Malaysia 50 Cents Forgery Coins (Attract To Magnets) Found In Penang.

Two days, a regular blog visitor of mine, Mr.@$me68PG. sent me a set 9 pieces Malaysia Bunga Raya series 50 Cents forgery coins that attracted to magnets.There are dated year 1993,1999,2002,2004 and 5 pieces of 2005.

Mr.@$me68PG from Penang want me to verify his coins and their metal composition. I confirmed to him that all his coins are forgery coins and made of steel,attracted to magnets.

One common thing happened to his 9 pieces of steel forgery 50 Cents coins are there are quite badly rusted. Could it be because there are from Penang Island?

When I was young, my parent used to remind me that if I want to buy a used car, do not buy used cars from coastal towns, the body of these cars are likely to rust, it was due to the salty breeze blew from the sea. And I used to joke with my friends, if you need salt in my home town;Port Dickson,just lick your body,you will enjoy natural organic sodium chloride.

I think this was what happened to this batch of steel forgery 50 Cents coins found in Penang Island and collected by my brother @$me68PG.Thank you.


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