Malaysia Japanese Occupation Currency Propaganda Issues.


Malaya Japanese Occupation Currency.5 dollar.
Propaganda Issues.
(Lim Kook Seng Collection)
In World War II,1942,Malaysia was occupied by Japan.The first edition of Japanese  currency issued by Japanese Military Administration in Malaysia in 1942 in denomination of $1.00,$5.00 and $10.00 was printed with block letters'MA' & 'MB' 'MC','MD'.....and some are followed by 6-digit series of numbers.

After the Japanese surrender in 1945,the British printed the word "MALAYAN" in red on the top."WAR SOUVENIR" at the bottom,together with"V J" and "Grim memories of 1941-1945" at the center in black ink on the 5 dollars currency notes,and air dropped them to spread the good news of victory over Japan's invasion.

This piece of rare Malaysia Japanese Occupation Currency 5 dollar propaganda note was found by a numismatic dealer, Mr.Lim Kook Seng from a  big stack of old Malaysia Japanese Occupation Currency notes he bought from an old uncle.

In the market out there,I was told they are a lot of  this forgery rare Malaysia Japanese Occupation Currency 5 dollar propaganda notes, how to tell the different?


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Yes, you are right.
    Lots of forgeries on these banknotes with overprints.
    Few months back, saw an uncirculated specimen but was told by the honest dealer that it was a fake.
    Caveat emptor :)

  2. Dear whycollect,if possible,you may ask for permission to take a photo of that confirmed forgery in your next visit to the honest dealer.
    Email to me or post it on your Blog so that I would be able to make a comparision.Please,if you got a chance!
    Thank you in advance!

  3. There is a blog that focusing about japanese money, I forget the link but I think it is in my blog somewhere.

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Ok, will try to do the needful if we meet him.
    But can't guarantee unless he agrees.
    Thanks Dickson :)

  5. Dear Lunaticg,welcome!
    Please forward to me if you come across the Blog.Thank you in advance.

  6. Dear whycollect,thank you in advance for your affort!

  7. Dickson, Saran Singh has an impressive collection of the various JIM notes, including a piece of the genuine "Jepun Mati" propaganda note in UNC Condition.

    He also has the only known copy of the Rubber Tapper note with the Back MA Prefix.

    He shown me his collections.

  8. Dear malayastraitsbanknotes,thank you for the infos.Twice I was invited to his home to categorised and valued his collections of Error coins,I was not aware of his impressive collections of JIM notes.Hope got a chance to see in the next visit.Thanks again!

  9. Dear Dickson & malayastraitsbanknotes,

    Saran Singh has the $100 Rubber Tapper Black MA (which was shown to me), but it is not the only known copy.

    A power collector in Johor, who wishes to remain anonymous, has revealed the existence of a second copy. It was shown to me for authentication and verification purposes.

    Now, I would like to share with the rest of the numismatic community here, the existence of a second known piece of the elusive $100 Rubber Tapper Black MA.