China Coin Set 1982.


China Coin Set.1982.Dog Year.Obverse.
(Lim Kook Seng Collection)

China Coin Set.1982.Dog Year.Obverse.
(Lim Kook Seng Collection)
China coin sets minted from 1980 to 1986 by the authorized China Mints are being hunted by China coins collectors.

It consisting of seven coins (1, 2, 5 Fen and 1, 2, 5 Jiao and 1 Yuan) and one lunar year medal. The Fens were made with Al-Mg alloy, Jiaos with Cu-Zn alloy, and Yuan with Cu-Ni alloy.

I have noted that the China sets, having all the coins of Year 1982, are being sold on E Bay for USD 350-400.Why are 1982 sets being sold for such a high premium? What is so special about year 1982,the year 'DOG' for China Coins?

Someone told me,the 1986 China coin set are being offered for more than ten thousand Ringgit.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    To the best of our knowledge these coins were quite commonly sold at departmental or shops dealing with china products during the 80's and 90s.
    Back then, China was still grappling with its economy and so we believe many of these products including these rare proof coins were exported out to countries like Malaysia where the purchasing power were comparatively better.
    Now, its a different story.
    Within a short span of time, China's economy has grown by leaps and bounds, thus greatly enhancing the purchasing power of its people.
    And it was reported that only 10,000 sets of the 1982 proofs have been issued. Even less are the 1986 proof sets. Only 660 sets were reportedly issued.
    And just imagine the number of serious collectors in China, now.
    Haha, maybe thats why Malaysia is in a way gifted because of the numerous early chinese migrants which indirectly made available many precious products from China during the early years like liu-bao tea, jingdezhen porcelins, stamps, coins, etc.
    Now the cash rich Chinese are coming to our country to buy back all these vintage products.
    Hehe, these 1982 proof coin sets were selling at around RM15 to RM17 plus only during the 80s and 90s at the departmental stores or chained shops dealing with chinese products throughout the country.
    So who knows which country's products will be next?
    Haha, just our wild guess.
    China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia!
    And who knows even Malaysia, haha.
    Just our two cents.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Yes,I totally agreed with you.Those years their coins were just FENS(CENTS),today it worth QIANS(THOUSAND)!
    I do have a XIAO HONG BAO-ZHU NI(RED CLAY)SHUI-PING TEA POT inherited from my father in 70's,still UNC,those day it was imported at 50 cents,today someone offered me for 5 thousand Ringgit,stunned me!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Please be careful about your Zhuni shu-pin.
    If you've not been using it for a long time, don't apply hot water onto the pot immediately.
    It may crack especially when it has not been used for a long time.
    In fact, these old zhuni teapots are very prone to cracking which may be one of the reasons they now become rarities much sought after by collectors.
    Many would crack when fired under the not so advance kilns at that time.
    Our opinionated view is that it is better not to use it at all, and just keep it as a collector's item.
    The risk of cracking is always there as far as these old zhuni shui-pins are concern.
    Haha, back in those early days, these teapots can be seen selling by the side of the streets.
    Like one of our dealers used to joke, junk also can sell lor, haha.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  4. Dear whycollect,Thank you for your kind advice.I do aware of that.My friend who did the offered keep reminding me not to do so.Haha! I think he is more Kan-cung than me!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    There's a saying that no vintage yixing teapots collection is complete without a genuine vintage zhuni shui-pin.
    Haha, cannot blame your good friend for being kan-cung lor.
    Honestly, just like rare coins or even our precious little error coins, haha, one item gone is a piece of history gone forever.
    Congratulations Dickson :D

  6. Hi Dickson,
    I am not a coin collector but inherited a set (4pcs x 1/2oz 22k gold)of gold coins 30th. Anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China from my father. Am wondering where can I sell this and hoping you can help me.

  7. Dear anonymous,
    Please email me or MMS me to 017-9796337!

  8. Dear Dickson,

    I'm a collector in USA, after viewing your collection, I think I really like many of them and I'd like to know your price for them. It would be highly appreciated if you can contact me through email: Thanks!