Wanted Coin.

This is a very rare oval shape Malaya King George VI,1948. 5 Cents,Copper-Nickel coin,it was shown to my elder brother in early 1970s.
The owner of this rare oval shape coin is a taxi driver,a small time collector in Johor Bahru.He asked my brother to find him a buyer.

My  brother took this rare coin to the press and the  news was published.
My brother told me the coin was not sold and was returned to the owner.

On several occasions,I tried to trace the owner and want to take a good look at this rare oval shape error coin but of no avail!
Any news on this coin?
I want to know how it happens?
Hope to own one!


  1. Wow, almost 40 years!
    Gonna be tough though not impossible.
    Ya, it will be very interesting if the original owner can be traced.
    Good Luck to you, Dickson.
    And hope whoever reads this article and knows his whereabout, will contact you.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Dear whycollect,
    Thank you for your support.This coin is always in my top wanted list!
    With you blessing,I hope to meet him soonest!