Malaysia Wrong Metal error coin.



Wrong Metal Planchet Errors.
(Lily Lim Collection)
Wrong Metal Planchet Errors.
(Lily Lim Collection)

Hello! Mr.Dickson,how are you? Please help me to explain these two photos.
Few days ago,a friend brought me a coin resembled a Malaysia 10 Cents coin in colour and size with plain edged,but it was struck with a $1.00 details.
What type of errors is this?
Thank you.
Lily Lim.
K.K. Sabah.

Hi Lily Lim,thank you for your email!
Lily,this is a wrong metal error coin struck on a planchet intended for a denomination of a different composition.

In my possession,l also got a very similar piece of Malaysia RM.1.00 "Gold" coin dated 199(?), struck on a wrong metal planchet. l wonder could it be your " twin sisters" ?

Wrong Metal Planchet Errors.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Wrong Metal Planchet Errors.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Planchet composition:Unknown.Silver Colour.
Weight    : 4.45gm. (Normal:9.30gm).
Diameter: 21.26mm.(Normal:24.50mm)

RSP: RM499.00

Something very interesting; and one thing for sure,your coin is the elder sister because it was minted on 1993 or before as it carried the dollar ($) sign, and my coin,the younger sister could be minted on 1993 or after because it was struck with "Ringgit" sign on the reverse.
Hopefully,these twin sisters  can meet on this  coming November! 

I paid RM400.00 for this younger sister to join the "family".  



  1. Now wait a second.
    They might be triplets cause we got one too, haha.
    Our sister definitely older than yours cause she has a $ birthmark too.
    But not certain whether she's older than Lily's one cause the last digit of the year of birth was omitted on her birth certificate.
    By the way, we are a bit lucky this time compared to you, Dickson, hehe.
    We got it free and some more from a stamps and coins dealer more than ten years ago, as far as we can remember.
    Honestly we found those earlier years were more favourable years for collecting errors cause nobody seem to bother about them, so much so even dealers were willing to give them away.
    Thanks a lot for sharing these wonderful and interesting coins, Dickson and Lily :)

  2. Ops, sorry correction.
    Can't be triplets cause born in different years.
    They might be sisters :)

  3. Dear whycollect,
    We still can be a Triplets if all sisters were born in 1993,both $ and RM were used.
    You are lucky to have it free.I do agreed some people still treat an error coin a trash when we treat it like a treasure.I love to meet this people!haha!

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Haha, its really wonderful to know others have the same as we do.
    Most important is to know that these collectibles are in good hands.
    Hehe, one man's meat is another man's poison.
    And among our circle of friends and family members, we are already famous as junk collectors, haha.
    We always welcome people who give away their junk, haha.
    Cheers :)

  5. Dear whycollect,
    I only love the junk coins!!(that always other said the rosak coins).I will always rush over to pick them up within 8 hours!haha!