Malaysia Wrong Metal error coin.


A wrong metal error is struck on a planchet intended for a denomination of a different composition.
Malaysia.2005.20 Cents.
Wrong Metal Errors.Obverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)
Malaysia.2005.20 Cents.
Wrong Metal Errors.Reverse.
(Dickson Niew Collection)

Planchet Composition.: Copper Clad-Steel. Attracted to magnets.
Edge:No Milled Edge.

This Malaysia Bunga Raya  20 Cents coin was struck on a planchet intended for a foreign country.

RSP: RM499.00.



  1. Phiit, nice brownie here, haha.
    First time seeing a 20sen minted on a copper clad steel planchet of different size.
    Mostly these wrong planchet 20sen coins we have seen were minted on the wrong size planchets but made of the same material.
    A unique specimen indeed.
    Congratulations Dickson :)

  2. You surely have a rare collection of Malaysia error coin.

    PS: One suggestion to everyone who are writing error coins, could you please write the market price for the coins? It will be helpful for many collector out there. I received a lot of questions about that.

  3. Dear whycollect,
    Minted on the wrong size planchets but made of the same material/composition is call Wrong Planchet Errors.
    It happens only if our Mint also mints for other countries!

  4. Dear Lunaticg,
    Thank you for your suggestion to list the market price of a Error coin,I do received many requests,I am still in the process to compile a price list on Error coins,is a very challenging task!

  5. Hi Mr.Dickson,
    Depankanta setuju dengan cadangan lunaticg,ramai yg bertanya tentang nilai pasaran syiling2 error.Walaupun tidak tepat(sebab harga mungkin berubah),sekurang2nya ada jarak harga yg boleh di label...
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr.Niew & Mr Linaticg

  6. Hi Dickson, lunaticg and depankanta,
    We found putting up-to-date valuations to these errors as the most difficult part.
    Even the same type of errors differ from one another, not to mention about their grades.
    And then there are those rare multiple strikes and even double denominations.
    Some multiple strikes are so beautifully struck that they as a whole look like another original coin compared to another one which may have been struck more times but not as aesthetic looking as a whole compared to the former.
    And the same goes for double denominations.
    Imagine, two denominations struck just about 90% rotated against one another compared to another specimen struck haphazardly.
    At times in such situations, we believe the aesthetic of the coin in question is more important than the degree of severity of the error.
    And thats where valuations become even more difficult.
    The problem with errors is that no two specimens are exactly alike.
    On top of that, the local numismatic market for errors and varieties is still in an infancy stage compared to the matured market like US, Australia, etc.
    Haha, maybe Dickson, you and especially MNS can come up with some really constructive solutions here.
    Thanking all in advance.
    In the meantime, just continue to collect them first lor, haha.
    Cheers :)

  7. Dear whycollect,lunaticg,depankanta,
    "In the meantime, just continue to collect them first lor."You are right!Haha!
    I am still compiling the pricing,a very heavy and difficult task!
    Our local market error coin collectors are still not yet that sophiscaticated.
    Example,the most recent MNS auction No.148,a Extremely Rare Malaysia Parliament Series 20 Cents with security edge was put in auction and realised at RM400.00.I bidded for my good friend from Singapore who was willing to pay up to RM1,200.00.
    This coming MNS auction No.149 which to be held on 25.Septemble.2011,they are about 10 pieces of good error coins will be put on auction,let us see the respond,I hope with us promoting so much on error coins,the hammer-down price will be more interesting !

  8. Thud, sold, thud sold..thud thud thud..all sold!
    Haha, thats what all of us are hoping for.
    Frankly we have come a long way for this moment, of course that is if it ever materialise.
    Seeing our collectibles value appreciating is one thing, but ultimately we really hope there is more appreciation among collectors towards these category of coins.
    Arg, gonna be lots of uncertainties going forward with all the economic mess in the world.
    Guess its hard to tell the outcome of the auction in September.
    Lets just hope and pray for the best :)