Malaysia Bunga Raya Series Counterfeit 50 Cents 2005 With Full Brockage Strike Errors and Collar Die Strike Errors.(2 in 1)


Especially thanks to Kekasih Hati (facebook) to allow me to own this Malaysia Bunga Raya series forgery 50 cents coin dated 2005 exhibited a Full Brockage Strike Errors and Collar Die Strike Errors!.
Malaysia.Counterfeits.2005.50 Cents.Reverse.
Malaysia.Counterfeits 2005.50 Cents Obverse
With Full Brockage Strike Errors
"A full brockage strike is defined as: A coin which was struck with ALL of a struck COIN between it and one of the dies, showing on the struck object coin as a shallow irregularly rounded depression in the entire face, sloping up to a point at the edge where it contacts the collar, with a slightly enlarged and distorted incuse image of the intervening coin design. The opposite side of the object coin will receive a very strong strike. The intervening coin becomes a double-struck coin, second strike centered, with die contact on one side, the other side showing the design flattened, enlarged and distorted. Difficulties with the feed mechanism are the probable cause, and since the piece would be of normal size it would have little trouble reaching circulation on its own.
Malaysia 2005 Counterfeits 50 Cents Obverse 
With Full Brockage Strike Errors
and Collar Die Strike Errors!.
The collar die normally applies the edge device (reeded edge, plain edge) and prevents the metal of the coin from flowing outside of the confines of the die. When the collar is prevented from working properly during striking, it may rest below the surface of the anvil die and the coin will have a plain edge.


  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Penemuan yg paling hebat untuk sepanjang tahun ini...Syiling ini bukan saja unik tapi ianya telah melalui proses penyilingan yang luar biasa..Kalau error ini terjadi pada syiling tulin tentu menggemparkan dan sangat tinggi premiumnya..
    Syabas dan terima kasih banyak2 untuk kekasih hati (facebook) dan Mr Dickson..

  2. Hi Dapankanta!
    Ya lah,ini memang penemuan yg paling hebat untuk saya sepanjang tahun ini.Rarity dia dalah sama dengan yang ori,sebab cara penempaannya adalah dengan proses yang serupa!Malah mungkin lebih rare dari yang tulin jika kita bandingkan dengan jumlah yang ditempa,tetapi takut orang yang buat palsu akan buat labih secara sengaja!
    Terima Kasih!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, this is a real beauty.
    Love it :D

  4. Welcome back Sir!
    Tremendously happy to see your comments again.I am very sure Depankanta agreed with me that during your absent, we feel pretty lonely!Haha!
    All the best to you!

  5. Hi Dickson,
    You are right.
    Our loving families and our buddies sharing the same interests, or even friends not sharing the same interests, are the essentials in our lives.
    Without them, suppose there is not much reason to live in this world :)