Malacca Jonker Stamps And Money Fair.

Malacca Jonker Street.
The fair was organised by my numismatic friend Mr.Boson Goh of Malacca.Located at Malacca Jonker Walk Hainan Associates,No.115,Jalan Hang Jebat,Malacca.

Jonker Street, A Very Busy Street.
Mr. NT Ngoh.
I arrived at Jonker Street about 9.30am.and met Mr.NT Ngoh,a retired pilot for breakfast.He is also a numismatist who used to follow my Blog.During breakfast he showed me some of his new found and very interesting error coins.
Later,we when to visit Marine Museum Of Malacca,Museum Samudra and Museum Sejarah Malacca.
Museum Sejarah Melacca.

We arrived at  Malacca Jonker Stamps And Money Fair around 12.00 noon.There were about ten counters promoting coins and banknotes.
Brisk Business.
En.Roslan Abu Hassan, tin coin enthusiast and a facebook friend of my spotted me,he introduced himself and he also introduced Kenny Ong Yew Chuan to me.Kenny Ong,a passionate Malay Sultanate and Malacca Portugese tin coins collector,will be my Sifu in tin coinage.He was introduced to me earlier by Dr.Kong and we  used to communicate in facebook in many occasions! Although this is  our first time meeting  face to face,but we chatted like good old friends.
En.Roslan Abu Hassan (fb)
Kenny Ong Yew Chuan t
Guru Saran Singh.
An hour later,we also welcome Guru Saran Singh and his wife.More friends joining us were Mr and Mrs Wong Hon Sum,the President of Asia Numismatic (Singapore) Society and the author of famous JIM books,Mr.Kok of Nanya (Singapore) and Mr Gao Da Song (China).

Mr and Mrs Wong Hon Sum,Mr.Kok,and Mr Gao Da Song
In the late afternoon, I am also glad to meet Joy Marius Of JM Collections,Mr.Bo Boon Seng and Mr.Tay Pung Seck.

It was a very fruitful and enjoying trip for me.


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