Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2004 20 Cents Broadstrike Error Coin.
A Broadstrike is a coin that was struck without the retaining collar in place.The collar is actually the third die and it is what forms reeding on reeded edge coins.Broadstrikes are always larger in diameter than the coin was intended to be-sometimes just barely and sometimes much larger.The larger it is the more desirable. There are sometimes nearly round but there are usually slightly out of round.
Malaysia.2004.20 cents.Obverse.Broadstrike Errors.

Malaysia.2004.20 cents.Reverse.Broadstrike Errors.
Weight: 5.66gm.(Normal: 5.66gm)
Diameter: 26.05mm.(Normal:23.59mm)
Edge: No milled edge.

When a coin is produced a blank coin planchet is fed into a collar. The collar surrounds the planchet as the dies strike it, and the planchet is squeezed against the collar and dies, leaving the shape and design of  the coin.
If the collar is not fitted or it is miss-aligned then the coin produced will be out of shape. This type of coin is reffered to as a Broadstrike.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    This bigger than normal broadstrike coin looks interesting.
    Wonder anyone has found one among the newly packed coins fresh from the mint or exchange center?
    These coins just don't seem to be able to get past the coins counting machine.

  2. Hi Whycollect, I got this coin from a collector who bought this coin from a coin dealer 5 years ago!
    Still in mint lustre condition!