My Kampung Farm House In Port Dickson!

My family celebrates every Chinese New Year in Port Dickson without fail! We really love to come back to our Port Dickson home,our home sweet home.Located at cost road,15km away from Port Dickson town. My family farm house was built in 1964, four dragon years ago,a house with wooden wall supported by one meter height of brick wall.

Surrounding my kampung farm house are green plants,flowers and fruit trees. Every morning,beside breathing fresh air,you can also enjoy listening to birds singing and seeing squirrels running around.

Front View.

Left Side View
Right Side View
Plants and flowers........

Aloe Veras
Lemon Glass/ Serai
Pandan Plants
"Dancing Girl" Orchid.

A Plants With 3 Different Colour Of Flowers.

My favorite Pucuk Ubi/Tapioca

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Happy Chinese New Year Eve!

To be continued........


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow, you sound so refreshing.
    Travelling back to nature.
    Some more you can always call it your home.
    Wah...really refreshing to see your rustic home, with ample vacant land, long grasses & bird of paradise flowers, aloe veras, bird's nest ferns, lemon grass, pandans, orchid, bougainvillea, tapioca, more orchids, heliconias and more bougainvillea.
    Haha, this is what we normally do when we go out to the nature...every plant is an attraction.
    Many growing harmoniously among themselves.
    Truly amazing, isn't it?
    By the way, looks like the 3 colours grafted bougainvillea plant must be quite old considering the size of the trunk.
    And the bougainvillea buttiana in the last picture can be grown into a good bonsai if well taken care of.
    In fact this type of bougainvillea is most suitable to be made into bonsai because it flowers profusely and the flowers drops easily once they dry up.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the rustic side of your life, Dickson ;D

  2. Sioknya balik kampung.
    A Plants With 3 Different Colour Of Flowers, that one is bunga kertas lar. You really don't know plant name but I am glad you knew your coins well. Hahahaha....

  3. Dear whycollect,
    Wow! Good comments.You are like a florist,knew most of the names of the plants and flowers! More to come!!Happy holiday.

  4. Lunaticg,
    Oooooooooooooi!Cuti Raya pun mau "Cucuk" saya kah!?
    Memang saya lembab kalau tentang nama-nama bunga!Whycollect kata ini bunga "bougainvillea buttiana" nama sciencetific ,you tahu tak? Tak tau kut?
    Datanglah kunjung saya ka PD.!

  5. Betul-betul.... Bunga bougainvillea.
    Hahahaha.... If my Zezebel is here will surely travel to PD to meet you. Driving alone on a quiet highway is scary man.

  6. Hi Dickson,
    Fell in love with nature since schooling days.
    Really, if each one of us can do what you are doing at your house in PD, our country would be full of greens.
    Aiya, taikor, we are not experts in plants lor.
    Just happen to be nature lovers only la.
    Haha, the bougainvillea buttiana is actually what Cantonese used to called "doh-kin-wong".
    We have seen three types of these don-kin-wong,ie pink, red and orange colours, maybe there are more that we have not seen..
    The flowers are not as bright as the other types of bougainvillea, but very abundant and not too large, and the flowers drop easily after they dry up, thus making them very suitable as bonsais.
    Haha, strange, the colourful "flowers" that most people often confuse for flowers are modified leaves or bracts, while the true flowers are actually the insignificant three tube flowers surrounded by the colourful bracts.
    Hehe, best pot to plant this flower is the big empty oil drum cut into two.
    Glad to hear that you are having a good time with nature at home, Dickson :)

  7. Lunaticg,
    Hei!Kalau Zezebel ada,you pandu kereta mesti "Concentrate",pandan depan saja! Kalau tidak,you mesti pandan kiri kanan,cari "pemandangan" yang cantik!Jadi,bagus juga duduk diam di kamar!Haha!