My Home Sweet Home In Port Dickson!

Gong Xi Fa Cai To You From Port Dickson!
23-01-2012 .7.00am.Good Morning! Home Sweet Home.

7.30am Blue Sky!
Fruit Trees....

Jambu Air Fruits.

Papaya Fruits.

Durian And Mangoesteen Trees,No Fruit Yet!

Banana, Fruit Was Just Harvested!

Quinine Fruit Tree! My Favorite,But Squirrel Always Got The "First Hand"!

Passion Fruits

More Papayas,Different Species!
Call from Ambrie Din Rambung from Telok Kemang,meeting him and  En Razami from Termeloh,Pahang at a Cafe at the junction to my Home Sweet Home.
Wah ! This is really a " King Of Hobbies",Chinese New Year also got "business"!!

To Be Continued.................


  1. Hahahahaha....
    That is the best thing about this hobby. You can collect and you also can get profit from it.

  2. Hi Dickson,
    Wah, ini macam kira banyak ONG la...rayapun dapat biznes, haha.
    Buah-buahanpun macam-macam.
    Love those passion fruit flowers.
    Though not very conspicuous due to their dull white and purple colours, but their amazing complicated looking structures are delightfuls sights.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Kalau tengok foto2 atas,banyak lagi ada tanah ditumbuhi semak-samun,elok juga ditanam tanaman herba dan ulam2 kampung yg boleh dijadikan ubat.Buah betik yg dipamirkan kelihatan hampir bulat macam buah kelapa dan terletak pula ditengah2 batang,ini mesti ada error kat mana2..haha
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson,selamat bercuti bersama keluarga..

  4. Selamat Tahun Baru CIna untuk Mr. Dickson Niew dan keluarga!!...

  5. Dear Lunaticg,
    You are right!Hobby jadi business,business jadi hobby!
    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagus sekali!

  6. Dear whycollect,
    Althought I am not in the shop, but enquiries never stop!Sales and booking continued as usual.Good lah!

  7. Depankanta,
    Walaupun tanah lapang masih banyak,tapi sudah tanam kena jaga!Sekarang masa saya tak diizinkan.
    Kalau satu hari nanti betul-betul bersara 100% di kampung,bolehlah pagi tanam sayur-sayuran, jogging, petang siram bunga-bunga dan senja mandi laut......syokkan!haha!

  8. Dear Koleksi Aku Punyer!!!
    Terima kasih banyak-banyak!
    Semoga cuti-cuti kamu pun bahagia bersama keluarga.

  9. Hi,

    I am getting rid of my dad's error coin collection and some error notes and contoh notes. How do i post pictures to you for you to take a look at them.
    These are the left over after Mr P from Lucky in singapore bought most of the lot. Thena from MNS has seen the collection and was wondering if the auctions was a better outlet to sell.

    Matt ( matt@purekarma.co.uk )

  10. Dear Matt,
    On 7 th of Jan,I was told by Mr.Thena about these items that he just viewed!
    Both of us and the committee members of the MNS shared the same opinion that it would be best idea and we will be very much appreciated to you and your family if your items (especially the Malaysia Numismatic items) can be remained in Malaysia and get listed in this coming MNS Auction No.151 which expected to be held in March 2012!