My Home Sweet Home In Port Dickson.

We loved to eat food cook in my home sweet home.They is a big,traditional stove built and installed in the kitchen in 1964.We used big wok and fire woods to cook in those days. Any food cook with this traditional stove will guarantee you good taste and flavour.I personally love fried egg cook with this stove.

48 Years Old Stove.

More green plants and flowers......................

Magnificent Plant

Magnifcient Fruits
I had tried this "Magnificent" fruits,once you had it,within an hour,any sour food or fruits  you consume will only taste sweet in your mouth! 

Yellow Hibiscus Flower

Orange Bunga Raya

White Hibiscus Flower

Crysantimum Flower

"Bird" Flower
Thorny Plants

Thorny Plants
Small Insect

Fu Gui Plant
Quinee Fruits.
Soon,CNY holiday going to be overed.Subang Jaya! We are coming back to you.


  1. Can you bring the "magnificent fruit" back to Subang ka? Hihihihi....

    PS: Will send you a blog contributor request in gmail. Accept it and view the blog. Do what I do in that links.

  2. Mr Dickson,
    The white Bunga Raya I think is quite rare. I seldom seen it. :D Happy Chinese New Year!

  3. wahh!wahhhh! crying lah! What a beautiful rustic home you have and to leave so soon plus also CNY is over...

    With that type of kitchen and wok, no wonder you look so healthy Hee! Hee! envy you lah!!

    Gong Xi Fai Cai.............

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Phiit, nostalgic stove.
    Yes, reminds us of our grandma's house too.
    Hmm..wonder what fruit is that.
    Looks like a jujube fruit but the leaves don't look like it.
    First time seeing such a plant.
    Hehe, be careful about those crown-of-thorns le.
    These thorny plants are a definite no-no for us esp when hyperactive kids are around, haha.
    Hehe, if you like fu-gui-hwa, make a trip to Thailand...many exotic hybrids with flowers of various colors.
    This fu-gui-hwa or adenium is actually a native plant of the Socotra Island, Yemen, a prehistoric island and home to hundreds of species found no where in other parts of the world.
    Aiyo, why are we 'off-topic'' during this CNY, haha.
    Hmmm...Dickson, just like numismatic, nature also syiok le, haha...wait till you get hooked on aqualandscaping and bonsai.
    Love miniature bonsai...imagine a mere few inches tall but already 30 years old with a trunk thickness less than that of our index finger.
    Anything nature is so beautiful.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :D

  5. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Pokok ajaib (magnificent plant),mengikut kepercayaan boleh mengubati penyakit kencing manis.Ramai orang dah mencubanya tapi belum dibuktikan secara saintifik..
    Betul kata mnfaj,bunga raya puteh memang rare macam syiling 50sen 1995..hehe
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson..

  6. Lunaticg,
    Sorrylah,tak cukup untuk kami pun,burung pun suka 'curi' makan!
    Next trip, kalau ada lagi,saya mesti hantar sikit untuk kamu try!

  7. Dear mnfaj dan depankanta,
    Memang betul,bunga kertas putih saya itu rare!Rupa-rupa apa yang putih selalu dianggap rare!Macam gajah putih, harimau putih...kan!Orang putih -tak lah!hahaha!

  8. Depankanta,
    Pokok ajaib (magnificent plant)dikatakan kalau makan daunnya tiga keping setiap hari boleh mengubati penyakit kencing manis,tetapi pada saya yang lebih penting ialah diet dan cara hidup yang lebih sihat adalah sangat penting!

  9. Hi Clement,
    Huat Ah!
    Yalah,I dare not stay at PD kampung house too long of a period,if not sure go bulat!
    That why I am back now in KL!haha!

  10. Hi whycollect,
    How to "LOVE" plants,flowers and bonsai when I am always away from my kampung home!
    Wait till I am 100% retire and back to Port Dickson!
    Got to be back to KL, continue my cari-cari makan.haha!