Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2009 10 Cents Coin With Filled Dies Errors

A Filled Dies  Errors is a very common form of Struck-Through Error and does not add a very significant numismatic value to the coin. Filled Dies Error coin are known on almost every series and denomination of Malaysia coins struck by our Kilang Wang Malaysia Mint.
Malaysia Bunga Raya 10 Cents 2009.Filled Dies Errors. Obverse.

Malaysia Bunga Raya 10 Cents 2009.Filled Dies Errors. Reverse.
The Mint factory has its share of dirt, grease and other lubricants, and metal filings. A part of he recessed areas of the "1" on the dies was fill up with a combination of this foreign material, preventing the metal of the coins from flowing into the incused areas. This results in weak designs or missing design details. The filled-die coin is one of the two most common types of errors. Filled-die coins are a form of Struck-Through Error.



  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Syiling Filled die yg cantik,biasa ianya terjadi pada bahagian kecil sahaja tapi yg ini agak ketara.Mengikut pemerhatian depankanta apa yg membezakan antara filled die dan struck through error ialah sekiranya objek/benda yg menganggu secara berselerak pada field syiling ianya adalah dikategori sebagai struck through dan sekiranya objek/benda tersumbat pada lubang imej negative pada die ianya adalah filled die error.

    Contohnya syiling yg dipamirkan ini,sesuatu telah tersumbat kedalam sebahagian imej negative angka "1" pada die lalu bila die berkenaan menempa syiling ini..begini lah jadinya..Ini hanya pendapat depankanta saja,kalau salah jgn maraaa...haha
    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson..

  2. Hahahaha.... No wonders I found a lot of this in a bunga raya 20 sen.

  3. Hai Sir, would you help to determine what kind of error this coin have:

    and give the rough value of it.

    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi Dickson,
    Haha, this could be a fine example to show that, availability is more important than scarcity.
    Collectively these filled die errors could add up to quite a lot to our collection of error coins.
    This is because major errors are almost impossible to locate among the circulation coins unlike such more common errors or varieties.
    Furthermore, each of these is worth 38 ringgit, which we believe is attractive enough for amateur collectors or even seasoned collectors to continue hunting for them.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article esp quoting a market value for these type of coins, Dickson :)

  5. Hi Lunaticg,
    You told me you are not interested at all in mint errors coins before,so if you come by any good mint error coins,do remember Dickson Niew ok!Haha!

  6. Hi Danny,
    Viewed the site.It is a Double Off Center Strike.Looked like and resembled a 2007 20 cents mint error.Because the date cannot be seen, it commands less premium in price.

  7. Hi Depankanta,
    Struck-Through Error di dalam post ini bermaksud: Filled Die adalah salah satu (a form of) error dari hasil susulan atau ekoran Struck-Through Error.

    Hammer Die menempa menerusi "dirt, grease and other lubricants and metal filings." yang tersumbat kedalam sebahagian imej negative angka "1" pada die ini lalu menhasilkan Filled Die Errors!

    Terima kasih atas interaksi depankanta!

  8. hi mr. dickson..
    untuk Filled Die ini,boleh tak berlaku dalam kehilangan angka yg besar?
    seperti contoh Fakkahqarsh menemui sekeping syiling 50 sen yang kehilangan perkataan 'BANK',angka '20',separuh angka '5' pada syiling 50 sen yang hanya tertera NEGARA MALAYSIA 50 (separuh angka 5)sen 09..

  9. Hi fakkahqarsh,
    Kadang-kadang ia itu bukan Filled Die Error tetapi lebih condong kepada error Strike Through.

  10. Hi sir...bagaimana pula dgn syiling 50 sen 2012 tetapi sudah jadi 50 sen 201 2 sudah hilang. Biasa terjadi ke?

  11. Anonymous,
    Itu ialah Filled Die Error, amat ketara berlaku pada tempaan peringkat lewat.

  12. thanks sir...ada value ke 50 sen 201 ni? estimate value berapa?

  13. 50 sen 201 ada value x?