Malaysia Third Series (M3S) 2012 50 Cents VS Euro 20 Cents.
Look Like Me! Size Like me! Colour Like Me! Heavy Like Me ! But........Is NOT Me!

Malaysia Thrid Series (M3S) coins dated 2012 were released to public by Bank Negara Malaysia on 17th January 2012. I faced difficulty to find this new coinage before Chinese New Year (23-01-2012). Even today, many Malaysian are still haven't got a glimpse of our M3S coins!

Do you realise that our M3S 50 cents coin looked very much like a Euro 20 cents coin?
From the look;size;colour;weight to the thickness, they were pretty similar.

M3S 50 cents VS Euro 20 Cents. Reverse.
M3S 50 cents VS Euro 20 Cents. Obverse.

50 Cents 2012 M3S  VS  EURO 20 Cents.
     Weight:  5.74gm.      vs       5.66gm.          
 Diameter:  22.65mm    vs       22.22mm
Thickness:  1.82mm      vs       2.06mm

The design of the Euro 20 cents  also got similarity with our M3S 20 cents coin except the planchet are of different size.

Euro 20 cents

M3S 20 cents.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    The first time these coins were made known to the public, we have the same feelings too.
    From our view point as collectors, we of course were taken aback with the rather 'westernize features'.
    Not so because we are against the euro coins.
    But why do we have to produce coins that emulate another region's identity?
    Coins should reflect and always carry the identity of the country of origin.
    Even after so many years some of the local coins were taken out of circulation, we are still in love with them, like the 1ringgit 89-96 gold color coin, songket warisan heritage 2006 commemorative coins, etc.
    This wayward trend is even more worrying in the philatelic world.
    Seen some post offices around the world printing extremely attractive stamps yet without any resemblence to their country of origin.
    If this trend continues, probably it may spell the end of the hobby.
    Haha, just our two cents :)

  2. I am very disappoint in the quality of our coins. The Bunga Raya series quality was very bad that it was soo hard to find one in BU condition. The latest design is very controversial, the 5 & 10 cents looks like israel flag, 20 & 50 cents looks like euro design. I would like to see more art in the design, like those commemorative coins from early 80s. sigh~~

  3. Hi whycollect,
    I agreed with you the 'westernize features' in our M3S.
    I don't have the "heritage" feel of our new issued coins.
    A lot of banknotes collectors said that the most beautiful banknotes that BNM ever produced were the Tan Sri Dato Abdul Aziz Bin Taha 5th series (as stated by KN Boon Book).,then the 6th and 7th series.
    From 8 th series,BNM featuring all the modern designs like Train,Ship tanker,aeroplane on the RM10.00 notes .....almost every country on earth having them,too common!

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    You said "the latest design is very controversial, the 5 & 10 cents looks like Israel flag."
    I always suggest to have a moderate mind.A star is a star,a flag post remain a flag post. I hope BNM shall not change the design like the RM5 historical building's flag post just because a few narrowed minded people insisted that it is a cross planted by the westerner.
    If the BNM decided to replace the design,I would suggest to replace all cross junctions with roundabouts and all stars with moons!

  5. That is typical of Malaysian Govt who do not seek the viewpoint of the Rakyat before implementing new things!!! New coin sucks BIG time!!! The old coin (size) series is still the BEST!!! Zeti the KOPI Kat!!! Vote for Change!!! :(

  6. its a sign ppl.. a sign. a sign towards a one world govt. cant wait for it. its will be the best thing that has happened to mankind and planet earth!!

  7. lol bodoh nya. govt supposed to hold a vote by the people on the design of coins? seriously? you want to direct the new show malaysian coin idol?