MNS AUCTION 151 HELD ON 25-03-2012.

Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.151 Held On Sunday, 25-03-2012.

Early Birds:

These are the early birds!
Men In Black -MIB is TMC!
While still displaying,collectors were already "storm" in!
"Dr. Coin ini sakit apa huh?"

Bourse Tables Corner:

Happy Finding!
Take a serious look!
Shah! Tak payah jaga restoran ke?

Getting crowded.
'Psssk! Lawrence, try to get me a better bargain!"
"Friend! Give our dear Bob best price lah !"
Muka baru!
 Membership renew:

Good Gsk ! Paid on time!


"Ooi ! Look at Dickson lah!"

My Sifus. Standing:Steven Tan,Tony Lye, Sitted:Tan Tai Seng and Ishar A Latif.
Blog and  facebook  members! They are the NEWmismatists! Nizar,Irfan,Gsk & TMC.
Viewing Session:

Auction items.
"Wau! Hocky silver Proof coin!"
Ready with bid card No.31.
Don't own the coin but at least own  the photo!
"I locked this one ,don't kacau ok?
Auction In Progress:

"Penang 1/2 Pice,any bidder?"
"Next item,the Laugh Certifiticate.......Jerry Lewis.. reserved RM60...Sold RM160!"
"Try plan A! Cannot get, apply Plan B!"
Selangor supporters
"Wah! they bid so high ah!"
"Ri, kalau tak dapat item itu, kita "attack" uptown je lah! Dengar sana ada banyak stok lagi"


  1. Look like just the same last auction crowds, the publicity in the news has been blown by F1.

    PS: having problem giving names to all the pictures ka?

  2. So sad i miss that that because of work!!

  3. Hi Dickson,
    I'm glad I made it here this time. Too bad I missed the main events. This auction is among the sweetest moment on my journey as a coin lover as I meet many sifus, friends and fellow collectors. I wish I had come earlier.

    Still wondering what makes you lose your voices. Hehe. :)

  4. miss u bro lunaticg and mr.dickson <3 :)

  5. Wow, great to see so much activities esp all the sifus gathering together, ladies coming into the scene and the emergence of the wonderful specialist bloggers.
    Just a point to note here. If numismatic can attract the ladies like what fashion is doing, wow! The rise of female economic power ;D

  6. Bro.Lunaticg,

    I have seen some new faces!

  7. Anonymous,
    Feel sad is not the solution,just makesure you will be there on MNS Auction 152!June!
    Don't miss it and be happy and go lucky!

  8. mnfaj,
    Bro,I just recovered from a "trendy" flu! So my voice took some MC leave,then I talked too much in my shop until my voice decided to extend its leave with some annual leave! Haha!
    Make sure you apply your "permit" much earliar on next MNS auction so that you will not be "questioned" to come early!!

  9. i'm one of the new faces there... lol... thanks all friends...

  10. whycollect,
    Your present will be much appreciated !

  11. Hi edy.othman,
    Thank you for attending the Auction!
    Will be good to have you all around always.

  12. Hi, I'm looking for Steven Tan who had once lived in Praya Lane, Malacca. His parents had a refrigerator shop either near 9-storey or at Newcome-Road, during the 70's. He must be around 54 or 55 years old by now. Can someone give me informations about him ? My name is Jenny Loh and I had once lived in Ujong Pasir. Steven Tan might remember me . I will come back to this page and hope to find some comments or informations about him. Thanks ! Jenny

  13. Hi Jenny Loh,
    Welcome to visit my Blog,I will be seeing Mr Steven Tan on Thursday (12-04-2012).Will check it out for you!
    Good to meet up with old buddy friends!

  14. Hi Jenny Loh,
    Hi Jenny Loh,
    I think you mistaken Steven Tan with Tony Lye, Steven Tan told me this morning he had never stay in Malacca, he was from Kuala Pilah of Negeri Sembilan.He was in Kuala Lumpur since young, and his parent was never in refrigerator business!

    I will check for you with Tony Lye!

  15. Thanks for your kind assistance. The problem is that I do not know his chinese name. All I have is Steven Tan. He was from the SFI school and had stayed with his parents in Praya Lane, Melaks in the 70's. At that time his father had a refrigerator shop. I have a black and white photo of him in the 70's in my album at home. But I do not know if this could help you further. Just let me know where to post the photo to. I thank you so much for your help. Thanks ! Jenny

  16. Hi Jenny,
    Email me the photos,if it resembers his face, I will bring to him to perfect a reunion!

  17. Dear Jenny,
    You may check Photos above: number 14, Standing behind, Right is Tony Lye from Malacca, Left Steven Tan from Kuala Pilah!

  18. Thanks ! Wonder how to send the photo to you as I don't have your email address. If you don't mind, please provide me your email address and I will scan the photo and send it to you. I've taken a look at picture no. 14 and it seems that there is a slight resemblance with Tony Lye. But then the person I am looking for is about 55 or 56 years old.

  19. Hi Jenny Loh,
    My email: or
    Dickson Niew

  20. Hi Dickson,

    I've sent you an email with a picture of my old friend. Hope you are able to help me with the help of this photo.
    Thanks !