Realised Price Of Items In MNS Auction 151 Today.

Results of the above auction was held at Muzim Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
Lots numbers not shown were withdraw:
Lot:   Qty.        Description.                                                               Grade    Reserve Price

7.         1         Malaysia 1 sen 1976 (Copper)                      UNC     RM 2,500
                                                                                         Realised     RM 2,500.

8.         1         Malaysia 10 sen 1971                                     AU        RM 280 
                                                                                          Realised     RM 300.
Lot: 7 & 8. Reverse.
Lot.7. 1976. 1 Cent. Copper Planchet.Reverse.
Lot.7. 1976. 1 Cent. Copper Planchet.Obverse.

11.       1          Malaysia, 10th men's World Cup Hockey 2002 RM10                        (.925 silver)                                                PROOF  RM 500
                                                                                       Realised     RM 900.

13.       1          Straits Settlements $1 1916 D/44 71089  AEF   RM 1,400
                                                                                   Realised     RM 1,400.
Lot: 13 & 14 Obverse.
Lot: 13 & 14 Reverse.
14.       1          Straits Settlements $1 1925 L/1 63962       GVF        RM1,200
                                                                                          Realised     RM 1,350.
15.       1          Straits Settlements $10 1929  D63 84864  FINE       RM4,000 
                                                                                           Realised     RM5,500.                                                 
Lot. 15. Obverse.
Lot. 15. Reverse.
16.       1          Malaysia 20 sen 1978                                 BU        RM120
                                                                                      Realised     RM 120.

Lot:16. Reverse.
 16.       1          Malaysia 20 sen 1976                                 BU        RM25
                                                                                        Realised     RM 25.
Lot:17. Obverse.
Lot:17. Reverse. 

24.       1          Malaysia  7th Series RM51000 ZA 0783259 
                        Ahmad Don's signature      UNC     RM3000
                                                               Realised     RM3,000.
Lot:24. Obverse.
39.        1         Malaysia 11th Series RM50 KN1234567 Dr Zeti                        Aziz's signature                            UNC    RM 330
                                                                      Realised     RM 330.

41.        1         Malaysia 12th Series RM50 BG1234567 Dr Zeti
                        Aziz's signature                          UNC    RM 350
                                                                     Realised     RM350.

44.       12        Malaysia 11th Series RM1 ACU, ADE, ADF, ADG                        ADH, ADQ, ADR, ADV, AEK, AEN, AFK &
                        AFN1111119 Dr Zeti Aziz's signature (all 12 notes
                        with same nos)                             UNC     RM 120
                                                                       Realised     RM 170.

46.        1          Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya 50 Cents
                         ME prefix                                  UNC     RM 120
                                                                       Realised     RM 140.        
Lot: 46. Obverse.
Lot: 46. Reverse.

49.        2          Malaysia 5th Series RM50 WD6554830/31
                         Jaffar Hussein's signature, ThomasDe la Rue              
                         UNC     RM280
                         Realised     RM 280.
Lot: 49 & 50. Reverse.
54.       1         Malaysia 1 st series RM1 A/1 741880  Ismail Ali's signature
                       (light foxing)                                               UNC        RM400 
                                                                                       Realised     RM 400.

Lot: 58 & 59. Obverse.
59.       2         Malaysia 2 nd series RM5 A/49 114996/97 Ismail Ali's signature
                       (light stains)                                               UNC        RM200
                                                                                       Realised     RM200

68.       1         Malaysia 4 th series RM100  A/30 109155  Aziz Taha's signature
                                                                                          EF           RM2500
                                                                                     Realised     RM 2500.
Lot: 68 & 69. Obverse.
72.       1         Malaysia  5 th series RM100  ZA 8599812  Aziz Taha's signature                                                                                          GEF        RM160
                                                                                      Realised     RM 160.

Lot: 72 & 73.Obverse.
76.       2          Malaysia  6&7 Series RM100 AG 0685773
                       Jaffar Hussein's signature (EF,with foxing) &
                       AG3108229 (GEF) Ahmad Don's signature,
                       both by printer Thomas De La Rue.                EF-GEF   RM260
                                                                                               Realised     RM 260.
Lot: 76 & 77. Obverse.
77.       2          Malaysia  6&7 Series RM100 ZW2113026 & 3797437
                       Jaffar Hussein's signature,United States Banknotes.
                                                                                                   GEF   RM260
                                                                                         Realised     RM 260.

Lot: 78 & 79. Reverse.
79.       2         Malaysia 8th Series Replacement RM50 ZA0371705/06
                       Ahmad Don's signature                                       UNC   RM240
                                                                                             Realised     RM 240.

Lot: 80 & 81. Reverse.
81.       1         Malaysia 9th Series RM50 BH9102491
                       Ali Abul Hassan's (side) signature                         UNC   RM380
                                                                                                Realised     RM380.

89.       5        Straits Settlements 1/4 Cents 1901 & 1908 (AVF),
                      Malaya 1/2 Cents 1940(3)VF                          AVF -VF    RM60
                                                                                               Realised     RM70.

Lot:89 & 90. Reverse.
91.       1      Malaysia 10 Cents Parliament  Errors-                    Split Planchet Before Strike                                       EF    RM80
                                                                                              Realised     RM80.
Lot: 91 .Obverse & 92. Reverse.
Lot: 91 Reverse & 92. Obverse.
93.       1      Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia  Souvenir Token-Blank                                                                                               UNC    RM30 
                                                                                      Realised     RM 30.
Lot: 93 Blank. & 94. Obverse.
Lot: 93 Blank. & 94. Reverse.
94.       1      Malaysia, Bank Negara Malaysia Souvenir Token
                    1999 issue-Uniface,only reverse struck.               UNC    RM80
                                                                                             Realised     RM 80.

95.       2      Malaysia 1 Cent 1967                                         UNC    RM10
                                                                                           Realised     RM 12.
Lot: 95 & 96. Obverse/ Reverse..

Lot: 97 & 98. Obverse/ Reverse.
Lot: 97 & 98. Obverse/ Reverse..
 98.       2      Malaysia  50 Cents 1973                                   UNC    RM20
                                                                                          Realised     RM 36.

99.       1      Malaysia 1 Cent,5 Cents,10 Cents,20 Cents,& 50 Cents
                    Bunga Raya Series,laminated in thick plastic &
 used as paper weight.                                                            NEW    RM60 
                                                                                          Realised     RM85.
Lot: 99.Reverse.
Lot: 99.Obverse
 100.      1     The Hong kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation,
                    Malaysia Headquartres,Official Opening 1979,
                    Medallion made by Selangor Pewter,laminated in
                    thick plastic & used as paper weight                     NEW    RM60
                                                                                            Realised     RM 120.

Lot: 100. Obverse.
Lot: 100. Reverse

Lot: 101, 102. Obverse/ Reverse.
Lot: 101, 102. Obverse/ Reverse
 102.      1        USA, Las Vegas, Neveda $1 Gaming Token -           
                       Cassars Palace casino                              GVF                 RM25
                                                                                              Realised     RM 25.

103.      1        Malaya, Bank of Malaya Ltd, Ipoh receipt no J47 dated
                       30th June 1932 for $61.34                       GEF                 RM50
                                                                                              Realised     RM 50.
Lot. 103.
105.       1       Malaysia, Laugh Certificate, issued by Malayan Banking
                       Ltd, titled "It's Only Money" to be screened by Cathay
                       Organisation Theatre, Actor Jerry Lewis (1960's) VF       RM60
                                                                                                Realised     RM 160.
Lot. 105. Obverse.
Lot. 105. Reverse.
108.       3       Malaya 5 Cents 1941 (variety 'b')                    GVF        RM50
                                                                                              Realised     RM 75.
Lot.108 & 109. Obverse
110.       5       Malaya 1 Cent, 5 Cents, 10 Cents, 20 Cents & 50 Cents    
                                                                                      Avg. GVF        RM100
                                                                                         Realised     RM 120.
Lot.100. Obverse.
 112.        1      Malaya & British Borneo $10 1953 A/44 919571
                       (washed)                                                         EF          RM200
                                                                                         Realised     RM 200.
Lot.112 & 113. Obverse.
114.        1      Malaysia 8th Series Error RM2 CA1167720 partial
                       imprint of words "NEGARA MALAYSIA" appearing
                       on reverse right border, Ahmad Don's signature (ageing)     
                                                                                         UNC           RM90
                                                                                     Realised     RM 160.
Lot.114 & 115. Obverse.
 115.        2      Malaysia 5th & 6th Series RM1 M/35 7777111 &
                       AY7777111 both with Aziz Taha's signature & printer
                       Bradbury Wilkinson (AY with light foxing on rev)  UNC  RM60
                                                                                              Realised     RM 60. 

Lot.116 & 117. Obverse
 117         2      Malaysia 6th Series Replacements RM1 BA1489590
                       & RM5 NZ0160674 both without silver thread,
                       Jaffar Hussien's signature &
                       printer Thomas De La Rue                          UNC          RM250
                                                                                            Realised     RM 250.

118.        2      Malaysia 5th Series RM5 NA1166754/55
                       Aziz Taha's signature  (light & stains)            
                       GEF           RM60     Realised     RM85

Lot.118 & 119. Obverse.

120.         4     Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 J/27 523487, RM5 A/72
                       472050, RM10 E/3 505982 & RM50 A/92 144695
                       all with Ismail Ali's signature                 Avg.VF             RM160
                                                                                         Realised     RM 160. 
Lot.120 & 121. Obverse.

122.         1     Malaysia 11th Series RM1 3piece uncut Dr Zeti Aziz's
                       signature (without folder)                         UNC              RM100
                                                                                          Realised     RM 110.
Lot.122. Reverse.
123.         1     Malaysia 10th Series RM5 3piece uncut Ali Abul Hassan's
                       (centre) signature (without folder)            UNC              RM130
                                                                                            Realised     RM 140.
Lot.123. Obverse.
124.         1    Book- The Currency Legacy, A Guide To Bank Negara
                      Malaysia's Collection, Published by BNM in 1987. NEW   RM80
                                                                                                  Realised     RM 80.
Lot.124. Obverse.

Lot.125 & 126. Reverse.
126.        1    Malaysia 1 Cent 1968                                 BU                RM60 
                                                                                            Realised     RM 100.

127.        1    Malaysia 10 Cent 1981 Error- struck using 1 Cent
                     stainless steel clad blank (toned)
                     Wrong Stock Planchet Errors                      UNC             RM300
                                                                                           Realised     RM 500.
Lot.127 & 128. Obverse.

Lot.127. Reverse.

129.        2    Malaya 5 Cents 1941 & 1945                     UNC              RM40
                                                                                              Realised     RM 40. 
Lot.129 & 130. Obverse.
130.        1    Malaya & British Borneo 5 Cents 1961KN   UNC            RM40
                                                                                               Realised     RM 40.

131.        1    Kedah 1/2 Rial(ND) in silver alloy (?)             EF                RM100
                                                                                               Realised     RM 160.
Lot.131 & 132. Reverse.
Lot.131 & 132. Obverse.
 132.        1    Malaysia 10 Cents 1976 Planchet Errors -
                     Clipped  Errors                                              UNC              RM100
                                                                                             Realised     RM 140.

133.        1   Malaysia, Thomas - Uber Cup RM10    2000
                    Commomerative Coin (.999 silver)                  PROOF         RM1,500
                                                                                                  Realised     RM 1500.
134.        1   Singapore $10 1989 (Snake) (.925 silver)       PROOF          RM60
                                                                                               Realised     RM 130.

137.       1    Malaysia 1st Series RM1 C/1 975700 Ismail Ali's
                    sigature                                                          UNC              RM50
                                                                                             Realised     RM 50.

Lot.138 & 139. Obverse.
139.       1    Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 G/1 907106 Ismail Ali's
                    signature (light stains)                                    UNC              RM25
                                                                                               Realised     RM 25.

140.       2    Malaysia 3rd Series RM1 J/1 993799/800 Ismail
                    Ali's signature (light stains on edge)                UNC              RM50
                                                                                                Realised     RM 50.

147.      9    Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) Malaya 1 cent-$1,000
                                                                                         UNC            RM160
                                                                                                Realised     RM 160.
Lot.147. Obverse.
For further information,please email us at or call Mr.Lawrence at 012-3710951.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    Glad to see that most of our modern metallic friends are starting to move up, haha.
    A good sign indeed.
    Guess its timely.
    Thanks a lot again for all your hard work in bringing these useful info to us, Dickson :)

  2. Alamak.... Item no.15 make me want to cry.... :(
    No.1, 2 and 3, No buyer ka?

  3. Hi whycollect,
    Oh yes,I am very happy to see many of my Blog visitors and face book members were attending this auction.And they were very serious on bidding their intended items.Some were moving to higher end items.They were there from the start to the end of the whole bidding session,a very good sign indeed.

  4. Hi Bro Lunaticg,
    Mana lu pergi,sesak jalan ke? Tunggu sarapan pagi tak nampak muka hidung?
    Item no.15 make you want to cry? Too cheap or too expensive?
    Item 1,2,& 3 reserve price were a bit on the high side. RM800 to RM1000 will be interesting to kick starts!

  5. Sorry.... Need to catch up with blog work, xdapat pergi. Satu malam tak tidur buat kerja blog.

    Harga takde lah murah sangat, but that notes one in my wishlist. Tak sempat nak kumpul cash utk auction ni, kalau tak dah memang pergi.

  6. sleep late on Saturday after came back from Subang Jaya, I was busy keeping my facebook page tidy and post new item for sale on facebook. Wake up already 9 a.m. .I guess i have to wait for next round. Next time must sleep early.

  7. Lunaticg,
    Ya lah,kena simpan duit untuk tepung susu!
    Kalau senang dan tak balik jumpa Dragon Kit,singgahlah sembang dan update Blog saya,lunch/dinner saya punya! Hehe!

  8. Ghost Lim Hooi Yew,
    Try to make it in MNS Auction 152 in June!

  9. Gsk,
    Hi,Sama-sama lah!
    Happy sangat dapat temui kamu semua di Auction ini!
    Semoga semangat bernumismatik terus bakar dan semakin marak!

  10. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Nampaknya syiling BU/UNC siri Parlimen yg biasa mula menjadi perhatian.Walaupun agak terlewat tapi masih belum terlambat untuk kumpul semua syiling bergred tinggi siri Parlimen..Nanti dapat banyak depankanta akan turun ke KL..haha
    Tahniah dan terima kasih Mr Dickson...

  11. I make it only at 1130am and the auction just started only....planning to join the club soon....seeing some of the error coin/bank notes on sale, quite interesting and I am looking forward for the next one. Stewart Tan

  12. depankanta blogspot,
    Dapat segera dan datang segera!

  13. Stewart,
    Finally you were here with your dad!
    Nice to meet you and your family,don't plan to join the society,'just do it'!.

  14. Hi Mr Dickson
    A fairy new retiree, am now taking interest in Neumismatic items. While searching for related sites came across your postings. The info are very relevant and helpful. Hope to learn from you. Thank You.

  15. Hi QPS,
    You are most welcome to join the "King of hobbies and hobby of Kings",we are learning from each an other,I will do my lever best if you need any assistant,you may call or sms me at at and
    Happy Niewmismatic.

  16. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Tks for yr offer of assistance. Haven't gone thro many of ur postings. Hope u dun mind enlightening me of these queries.
    1. in auction list, i come across 'washed notes' & 'cleaned coins'. What does these entail & would the value of the items drop?
    2. How do i go about joining the Numismatic society?
    i'm from Melaka.

    thank you very much

  17. QPS,
    Happy Sunday!
    1.'washed notes' and 'cleaned coins' is to dip the banknotes or coins into solution or use brush to clean partly with the intention to make the banknotes or coins look cleaner and new.
    The value will be affected!
    2.Please visit to for more details

  18. Good Afternoon Mr Dickson,
    TQ for the reply.Will apply for membership to MNS in due
    course.Have view some of yr postings-notice you are v knowledgable about error coins.Didnt know there could be so many varieties around.Henceforth will go thro diligently whatever coins in hand.
    Pls bear with me-have two more queries about the terms:
    2.bag marks
    Have a nice day

  19. Hi QPS,
    Banknotes with yellow spots developed due to dampness,moistness or humidity climate.
    Bag marks:
    Edge nicks and surface abrasions coins receive when they knock against one another in bags as theyare transported from the mint to banks and other destinations.Bag marks affect a coin's grading and value.

    You may also visit this site for more infos:

    Happy Niewmismatic.

  20. Good Afternoon Mr Dickson,
    Was in a bank.Saw a lady handing a few bags of coins to
    the teller in exchange for notes.She agreed to let me have a bag which she said was of 50 sen denomination and total rm235(save the service charge)!
    At home poured over the 470 pieces. less than 50 were of Parliament series.The Bunga Raya series were of the high mintage years.
    Hope you dont mind my sharing this experience.
    Thank You.Have a pleasant day

  21. Hi QPS,
    Good, at least you had made an effort,keep doing ,you will be sure to be struck by jackpot one day!
    I am still doing, why not just join me!Welcome!

  22. Good Afternoon Mr Dickson,

    Thank you for the encouragement.I am inspired by your expertise in error coins.
    Was given a "funny" looking coin of which i'm clueless about.While going thro a few of your postings' the answer appeared before me!It was a tumbled coin-exact image tho mine is a 1988 20sen.Really a beauty tho man made.
    Your comments please:
    1.may i have the permission to print image of the error coins from yr postings-for easier n readily reference?
    2 why dont u publish a compilation of error coins you have come across for sale?
    Thank you for yr time

  23. QPS,
    Welcome and Happy niewmismatic!

    Yes,I allow you to print my images of error coins with one condition,share with others with good faith.

  24. QPS,
    To do a compilation of Malaysia Error and Rare coins is always being my dream.Just need more material!

  25. Forgive me for asking..why did the 20 sen 1978 n 1976 sold for a higher price?

  26. Dear Anonymous,
    Low mintage and high quality in condition.

  27. TQvm 4 ur info.