Forgery Dot On Malaysia 1982 5 Cents.

This is another piece of Post Mint Job (PMJ) coins.Those smart caveat emptors are trying their luck again.

Few days ago, I was being approached by a dealer who showed me a piece of 1982 5 cents coin with extra "Dot"on Parliament House.

Forgery 'Dot'

Malaysia Parliament House Series definitive coins 1982 5 Cents coin exit with extra "Dots" on Parliament House varieties worth RM110/UNC and RM160/BU respectively as listed in Standard Catalogue of Malaysia Singapore Brunei Coin & Paper Money.
Original 'Dot'

When I placed the coin under a six times magnifying glass, I saw a different font of 'Dot'. It was formed by a punch on the Parliament House, around the 'Dot' is an incused circle.

Yesterday,a freelance coin dealer showed me another four pieces of similar Post Mint Job 1982 5 Cents coins, some pieces even can see the design elements on the 'Dot' ! He bought them from a facebook seller, each piece cost him for more than hundred ringgit.

In my research, a genuine piece of  1982 5 cents coin with extra "Dot"on Parliament House  should exhibits:

1. Many more small 'dots' on the left side of the main "Dot" on the Parliament House.

2. Many more small 'dots' on the star, and

3.A few more small 'dots' above the "GC" mark.

These extra small 'dots' can be seen clearly on a coin with EF to BU in condition.


  1. Hi Dickson,
    A crude forgery.
    Yet it is a good reminder to all collectors to be ever careful while acquiring varieties and errors.
    Another excellent article indeed.
    Thanks a lot, Dickson :)

  2. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Kalau dilihat pada syiling diatas,buatannya agak simple yg sesiapa saja boleh membuatnya...Apa yg penting sekarang ini adalah pengetahuan orang ramai tentang ciri2 syiling error yg sebenar.

    Bila ramai pengumpul2 baru yg mula menceburi bidang syiling error buat kita rasa gembira tapi bila ramai yg tertipu dan membeli syiling error yg palsu buat kita rasa sedih dan rasa bersalah.Mungkin Mr Dickson boleh lakukan sesuatu untuk mengatasi masalah spt ini...

    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson...

  3. Hi whycollect,
    Nobody can stop these unscrupulous counterfeiters, we just need to be extra careful when buy things.
    Blame no one,we must always be more knowledgeable.

  4. Hi Depankanta,
    Tak kira pengumpul baru atau lama,kita harus sentiasa peka atas apa yang kita mahu beli.Kita harus buat "homework" dulu sebelum buat keputusan untuk membeli sesuatu.

  5. Dear Dickson,
    Pity the guy bought from FB. When dealing online, better negotiate before hand on return policy, like in 3 days, may return the items if unsatisfied.

  6. Sweet now I know how to spot an altered coin with a punched out hole rather than a dot.

    Excellent guide and much appreciated! Thank you :D

  7. Hi Dickson,
    Finally, the market requires some authoritative varieties guidance which interested collectors can refer to, authenticate and for verification.

    Verifying against those little chips in other areas may only work for only those fairly circulated specimen as what you mentioned. For those that are heavily circulated, one may not be able to find those smaller 'dots' for verification since they may all be worn out by then except the prominent 'dot' on the building.
    Die marking those valued varieties specimen is recommended. An authoritative guide book with clear and deep die marking diagnostics especially in deep recessed areas within the main devices can very well authenticate even the most heavily circulated pieces in view of their high market prices.
    Cheers to die marking of varieties!
    Nice article. !!

  8. Hi Kg,
    No surprise,they will set their rule "No Return" and "No Refund".Or "Everything Ok" but 'vanish' after you made your payment.

  9. Hi aaronapng,
    Happy to know that you enjoyed my Blog,your good comments were much appreciated.
    Happy Niewmismatic.

  10. Hi nucoins,
    Thank you for the good suggestion of die marking diagnostics .
    Nu, appreciate if you are kind enough to recommend me some good guidance book for me to buy.
    I am interested to learn how to do the die marking the professional ways.
    Thank you for your very good comments.

  11. Hi Dickson,
    I think the US have done very well on die marking especially their Morgans and Peace dollars.
    Email sent to you.