Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No.152 (24-6-2012) Special Preview! (Part 1).

Authentication was done on submitted items on 12-05-2012, last Saturday.
"In this coming auction, they are many very interesting items,gold proof coins, rare dates like 1971 10 Cents coins, broadstrike,uniface,clips error coins,medal & medallions, Malay Sultanate tin coins,Banknotes and other exonumias and curious, most of them are offered at a very reasonable reserve  price." said Mr Tan Tai Seng, the Pakar Numismatis Malaysia (PNM) who heads the MNS authentication team.

Here are some of the items listed for your early viewing!

Lot       Quantity                     Particulars                                  Grade               Reserve Price         
No.                                                                                                                              (RM)

1.               1              1977 9th South East Asia Games                  PF                        2,200
                                  RM1, RM25 & RM200 Proof Set.
                                  Gold Proof coin not in the original

2.               1             1976 3rd Malaysia Plan RM1,                      PF                        1,800
                                  RM10 & RM200 Proof Set.                       Realised Price: RM1800

3.               1              1976 3rd Malaysia Plan RM200                   UNC                    1,200
                                  (Gold). Without original packing.                 Realised Price: RM1200

4.               1              1969 Singapore 150th Anniversary               UNC                    3,750
                                   of the Founding of Singapore $150         Realised Price: RM3750
                                   (Gold). Without box.

5.               1              1971 Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman            UNC                    3,000
                                   RM100 (Gold). Without box.                  Realised Price: RM3000
6.               13             Japanese Invasion Philippines: 1                 VF-UNC               100
                                   Centavo, 5 Centavos, 10 Centavos,       Realised Price: RM100
                                   50 Centavos, 1 Peso (2 types), 10
                                   Pesos (2 types), 100 Pesos, 500
                                   Pesos & 1,000 Pesos.

7.              1                1941 Malaya 5 Cents Variety B & D.           UNC                    300
                                                                                                  Realised Price: RM300

8.              1                1941 Japanese Invasion Malaya $5               UNC                    80
                                    MJ Prefix.                                               Realised Price: RM80

9.              1                1941 Japanese Invasion Malaya $10             AU                       80                        
                                    MB Prefix. Stains on bottom right
                                    hand side.

10.            1                 1941 Government of Hong Kong 5               UNC                   380
                                     Cents. Serial Number: 3537733.

11.            1                 1952 Government of Hong Kong $1.            UNC                    450
                                    Serial Number: G/5 019736. Minor         Realised Price: RM450
                                    spots on left hand side.

To Be continued.......................              


  1. dear dickson

  2. Hi Chua,
    Yes! More interesting items are coming! Cheers!

  3. Good job...I think MNS should included the photo in their auction list which send for member2. As absentee bidder, we can view the photo and judge the note & coin condition..especially those note have foxing, least we can determine our higher price. Anyhow I will check regularly at Niewmismatic Error Coins...Million Thanks for your great jobs. Mr Dickson Niew!

  4. Hi @Malaysia Banknote ,
    I was involved in the authentication,more on error coins.
    I am doing my level best to take good and sharp photo images so that my visitors will get a better view on the auction items.
    Hope you can make an effort to attend this coming auction on 24-06-2012 and looking forward to say hello to you!

  5. Hi! Mr Dickson Niew
    I have share this info at FB group as well...hope we can encourage more collectors to attend the auction. Yup.I will try my best to attend the auction if time permitted. Will say hello to u...thanks!

  6. Hi!,Malaysia Banknote,
    Good and TQVM for sharing my Blog with your facebook fellows!
    Meeting up at Auction 152,JUST DO IT!