Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction 152. (24-06-2012).
Here are some of the items listed for your early viewing!

Lot       Quantity                     Particulars                                  Grade             Reserve Price         
No.                                                                                                                            (RM)

12.               1            1968 20 Cents Coin.                                     BU                   80
13.               1            Malaysia, $1.00 C/1 975660 Ismail Ali          UNC                70
                                  Sig. Gabenor 1st series light foxing at bottom

14.               1            Malaysia, RM1.00 BA 0513988 Ismail Ali         UNC                 60
                                  Sig.(Replacement note) foxing

15.               2            Malaysia, RM1.00 YJ 4180769 & 70 (Freak)    UNC                150
                                  notes,5% shifted from left to right.

16.               2            Malaysia, RM10.00 CX 8038651 & 52 Ali        UNC                120
                                  Abu Hassan centre Signature.                     Realised Price: RM120
17.               1            Brunei, $10.00 A/1 831170 Sultan OMAR     UNC               300
                                  1st series by printer Bradbury Wilkinson &Co. 
                                                                                               Realised Price: RM350

18.               2            Singapore, $1.00 ship replacement notes         UNC                180
                                  Z/1 257805 & Z/2 118076 both by        Realised Price: RM180
                                  Goh Keng Swee Signature.
19.               2            Singapore, $5.00 ship A/1 522598 & 99         UNC               200
                                  Hu Tsu Tau Sig.                        

20.               2            Singapore, $10.00 ship replacement notes        UNC               300
                                  Z/1 627684 & 85 both by Hu Tsu Tau Sig.   
                                                                                               Realised Price: RM300

21.               1            China, $1.00 silver coin Sun Yat-Sen                                        450
                                  portrait dated 1934 Junk dollar.  NGC   XF Details  
                                                                                                                                                                22.               1            Malaysia, 1 Cent 1967 (copper)                        BU                 15
                                                                                                Realised Price: RM35

23.               1            Malaysia, 1 Cent 1968 (copper)                        BU             80
                                                                                            Realised Price: RM90

24.               1            Malaysia, 10 Cents 1971 (C-N)                         BU            300
                                                                                           Realised Price: RM340

25.               1            Malaysia, 50 Cents 1981 (C-N) Toned               BU             50
26.               1            Malaysia, 1 Cent Finned Errors (copper)            UNC          80
                                  1967                                                   Realised Price: RM90

27.               1            Malaysia, 5 Cents Straight Clipped Error Coin     UNC        70 
                                  (C-N) 1967  
28.               1            Malaysia, 5 Cents Rim Clipped Error Coin          UNC         70
                                  (C-N) 1968

29.               1            Malaysia, 10 Cents straight clipped error             UNC          70
                                  (C-N) 1968                 

30.               1            Malaysia, 10 Cents  Unifaced  Error Coin     UNC           80  
                                  (C-N)  1968                                       Realised Price: RM240

31.               1        Malaysia, 50 Cents Rim Clipped Error Coin             VF                80
                              (C-N) 1967

 To Be continued....................    


  1. Thanks a lot for all these useful info, Dickson :)

  2. Dear Mr Dickson Niew
    Just wondering about this note...Malaysia, $1.00 A/1 329622 Ismail Ali with trimmed 2mm on top...Can we grade as UNC???

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Tahniah,banyak syiling error akan masuk gelanggang dalam auction ini..Satu perkembangan yg sangat menarik dan memberangsangkan..depankanta jangka semua orang yg hadir majlis auction akan bid untuk item no.24..haha

    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson...

  4. Hi whycollect,
    You are most welcome! Hope to meet you in Auction!!??!!

  5. Hi Malaysia Banknote,
    Yes, we talked much about its grade,it was an UNC notes but......., just let the market forces decide!

  6. Hi Pembekal Foot Patch ,
    Terima kasih kerana melayari Blog saya.
    Untuk process joint Auction MNS,anda harus adalah seorang ahli MNC,sila layari laman web untuk keterangan lanjut.

  7. If the note was UNC...that is NOT necessary to trimmed 2mm away.Anyway I hope that MNS might consider to regrade this note. This is just my opinion only.

  8. Hi Malaysia Banknote,
    Good suggestion indeed,I will feed back to our board of authentication committee for reconsideration!
    Thank you very much for your concerned! I always need your such good comments,this help to make us a better society.

  9. Hi Malaysia Banknote,
    Item in Lot:12 has been withdrawn.

  10. Dear Malaysia Banknote,

    According to the IBNS Grading Standards, a UNC note is "a perfectly preserved note, never mishandled by the issuing authority, a bank teller, the public or a collector. Paper is clean and firm, without discoloration. Corners are sharp and square, without any evidence of rounding."

    There were no folds or handling detected on the $1.00 A/1 329622 note. Neither was the note washed or pressed. As such, it is technically a UNC note. It is probable that the note was trimmed to "remove" stains at the edges.

    Although IBNS does refer to notes with slight evidence of counting folds (creases) or sight ripple in the paper as "AU-UNC", this grading is not used by MNS.

    It is also not accurate to grade the note as AU, as according to the IBNS, an AU note is "a virtually perfect note, with some minor handling. May show evidence of bank counting folds at a corner or one light fold through the center, but not both. An AU note cannot be creased, a crease being a hard fold which has usually "broken" the surface of a note. Paper is clean and bright with original sheen. Corners are not rounded."

    I would like to state here that banknote grading is both an art and a science - it is subjective and
    dependant on external influences such as lighting.

    Please be assured that each banknote authenticated by MNS are graded by a minimum of 2-3 graders with collective grading experience of more than 50 years, with the final assigned grade being a collectively agreed grade.

  11. Hi Cho,
    (MNS Authentication Committee)
    Thanks for the good piece of infomation.

  12. Always happy to share, Dickson!

    For those who are interested to advance their knowledge on the technical aspects of note grading, I would recommend reading and understanding the Sheldon Scale, which is being used extensively in the U.S. for coins and banknotes grading. It is also used by PMG, one of the world leaders in paper money grading.

    You can find the info here:

  13. Cho Chun Loong,
    Thank you so much for your great infos!