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Tin coins and Malay Sultanate Coins are so rich in culture,history,politic and economy background, but was not popular among  the collectors and newbies because most of us are not interested to read history,doing research,learn Jawi.We got only hand full  of tin coins collectors can read Jawi and some collectors read by "image"the Jawi words!

There are many counterfeits Malay States tin,silver and gold coins around since many years ago,we do not take the initiative to learn how to detect and differentiate a counterfeits Malay States coins.

Terengganu.10 Keping.Contemporary Counterfeits.
Since the last price guides published by Saran Singh more than 10 years ago,we do not have a latest price guides.
As a Malaysian,we should pick up this part of history of money in Malaysia where we can trace back to the Malay Sultanate Coins:
-Malay Sultanate Coinage
-Currencies of Pahang-(Tampang), Perak (Bidor)and Selangor:
-Coins of the Malacca Sultanate (1400-1511)
-Coins of Kelantan,
-Myth of the Kijang Coins
-Coins of Johore (1528-1885)
-Johor-Riau Malay States Coins
-Kedah Coins (1600-1905)
-Perlis Tin Coins
-Terengganu Coins (1700-1921)

We got so much to learn, terminologies like Katun, Kupang, Keping,Pitis, Jokoh,Tampang, Bidor,Mas, Animal Money, Realers,Tarra,Tra,Doit, Stivers, Guiders, Bastaro,Soldo,Dinheiro,Bazarucco,Sao Tome, Tangga, Rupee,Cents ..........

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  1. Oh i'm so flattered to have my question posted. :) Well i'm not going to give up anyway coz wheres the thrill if its so easy right? :)

  2. Sugar Coated Candyman,
    Your good and constructive comments are always welcome!
    Hope my Blog do serves you better!

  3. Hello, a little comment here. I think because it is quite hard to come by and the prices for some are quite steep. I only have very little in collection, despite came from Kedah, only have one of half pitis. One from terengganu, 4 from kelantan and one Perak Bidor which was rather expensive. Another reason is that, old stuff doesnt look good, some are in poor condition and some said they dint know howto keep them due to the variety of size and shape.

  4. Hi Aleph Prime ,
    Welcome to visit my Blog.
    If you know the years of minting,history behind,you will find that they are inexpensive,and why they are in such appearence,fragile,blisters,old looking!
    Keep it up, improve your collections within your mean,enjoy on what you collect,don't rush !
    Happy Niewmismatic.

  5. Mr Dickson
    Tin coin warisan negara yang nostagia

  6. Hi rani,
    Terima kasih Pak Haji Rani atas kunjungan kamu ke Blog saya.
    Baru-baru ini saya dapat satu buku album duit-duit timah koleksi sifu saya berjumlah 266 biji.
    Jika Haji ingin tengok,sila sms saya sehari sebelum supaya saya boleh bawah bersama saya ke kedai Dickson Niew Collection Corner untuk menikmati bersama.

    Tahun depan, BNM ada banyak program untuk promote golongan remaja memiliki hobi Raja ini, mereka jemput kita dari MNS tolong dari segi pengetahuan koleksi numismatik, saya harap sangat Haji boleh turut sertai kami!Saya akan hubungi Pak Ishar turut bersama. Selamat menjambut Hari Raya !.

  7. sesiapa yg ingin mengetahui tentang duit2 kesultanan melayu boleh clik MASDINAR-fb. Disana ada banyak info2 untuk dibuat rujukan.