Malaysia Parliament Series 50 Cents Coin With 90% Off-Center Double Struck Errors.

Dickson Niew Collection.
Off-Center Double Struck Error coin is a coin that was struck twice.
No two Off-Center Double Strikes Error coins are ever identical.
Off-Center Double Struck Error coins were have full reeded edge.

First strikes, it was struck as a perfect coin with full details,including full reeded edge. Because it was not ejected properly after having been struck and falls partially inside the collar again, it was struck the second time at Off-Center position, this is how we get the Off-Center Double Struck Error coins. Whereas most of the Off-Center Strikes Error coins are without reeded edge.

Each error is different, and is categorized by two different measurements: The amount of the coin design that is visible (eg.90% off-center double struck), and where the off center design is located in reference to a clock. (The coin pictured would be off-center double struck at 5:00.-Obverse.) Some collectors make clocks with an appropriate off center coin at each hour on the dial face.

This Malaysia Parliament Series 50 Cents Off-Center Double Struck Error coin is exceptional. The Off-Center Double Struck Error coin can be the result from several situations,it can occurs from one die. However, the Mint utilizes two to four dies in close proximity to increase production. A Off-Center Double Struck Error coin could  happen when a coin is struck, then bounces from table vibration into the path of another die. At press speed of two strikes per second, this is a possibility, as are other scenarios. This error is the most popular among collectors and the biggest attention-getter.



  1. Hi Dickson,
    Wow,a nice off center double struck specimen.
    Arg, we have yet to find one in 50sen denomination like yours here.
    Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing, Dickson :)

  2. Hi whycollect,
    Me too, first such specimen collected.Thanks to my Sifu for his generosity.