Malaysia Bunga Raya Series 2006 One Cent Coin With Strike Through Errors.


 2006 One Cent Coin

Strike Through Error occurs when a foreign object lies on top of the planchet and leaves an impression of itself when struck into the coin. A wide variety of objects have been reported including grease, string, cloth, hair, plastic, band aid, staples, etc.
 2006 One Cent Coin
 2006 One Cent Coin

A Struck Through mint error is sometimes called Filled Die mint errors because the coin and the die have a foreign object in between during the strike, in this case,it should be a struck through grease errors.

To detect whether it is a strike through error coin or a worn coin, you can check its weight. This 2006 second series one cent coin has a weight of 1.74gm, the normal weight of a one cent copper-clad steel planchet coin.

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  1. strike through error?
    interesting. i thought is weak strike.

  2. Ghost Lim Hooi Yew,
    Is a strike through grease error.

  3. Hi Mr Dickson,
    Dalam kategori strike through error,kita masih menunggu jika ada yang pamirkan syiling yang ada dawai terpacak pada syiling..haha
    Syiling diatas jelas menunjukkan die yg menempanya telah diliputi grease yg banyak hingga menenggelamkan sebahagian huruf dan imej,tentu masih ada rakan2nya.....

    Terima kasih banyak2 Mr Dickson,rindu sama whycollect laa..Ada khabar berita tak?

  4. Hi depankanta blogspot,
    Baru nak contact kamu tanya tentang dimana sahabat karib kita, Blog whycollect pun sudah hilang!!
    Harap dia contact kita!