Singapore Fighting Cock Merchant Token.
 Rarity: Unique.

"duit ayam"

Since 1831/32, Singapore merchant copper tokens bearing the image of a fighting cock that were issued privately by certain Singapore merchants.

This is a very unique Singapore merchant token or "duit ayam" as the local people used to call.

"duit ayam"

Its obverse was struck with a spurred fighting cock facing right.In Jawi "Tanah Melayu" (Land of the Malays). Last tail feather of cock single and hanging straight down.

"duit ayam"

The reverse,in Jawi "Satu Keping 1247 AH", (One Keping 1247AH=1831/32).

Plain edge,copper planchet,diameter is 20.90mm,thickness is 2.92mm and weight at 8.49gm.
Merchant Token. "duit ayam"

This unique copper token is very much thicker and heavier then an ordinary One Keping token with a normal thickness of 1.50mm and weight of 1.49gm to 1.68gm.

Merchant Token."duit ayam"

Its weight of 8.49gm was even heavier then the Two Keping token (4.27gm) ,Half Cent Susu (4.75gm) and the Cent Susu (6.77gm).

Thank you very much to Mr.Mahadevan for his kindness to share his good collection with us. Mr. Mahadevan  is a  Singapore merchant tokens enthusiast, has been sharing with us many of his rare collection of Singapore merchant tokens.


  1. very interesting coin. could be a trail pcs. maybe.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Yes, it could be a trial strike coin.

  3. I have this coin,but with 2 figure of fighting cock.

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    I wish you can send me a sharp image of your two images fighting cock Singapore Merchant token to my email or MMS to +6 0179796337

  5. Are there any known counterfeit for this coin? TQ.

  6. Hi Thomas,
    According to Mr.Saran Singh, there is no genuine Singapore merchant tokens, all are imitation coins but well received by merchants during then.