More Highlights From The  EUR-SEREE COLLECTING  AUCTION, Bangkok Held 05-08-2012.

Lot No:492   THE EMPEROR GOLD SET  or Mr. Vitoon Eurtivong, the President of  EUR-SEREE COLLECTING  AUCTION named it THE ULTIMATE THAI COIN.
Mr. Vitoon Eurtivong.
This "Unique Gold Set of 7 - Teo Meng Tong Pao"  "dated 1864 H.M. King Rama IV or H.M. King Mongkut 60th Birthday" with estimated price of THB 9,000,000 (RM900,000) and was realized at THB 15 millions  (RM1.5 millions).

Lot No:492  
The next item in this EUR-SEREE COLLECTING  AUCTION that most interest me was Lot: 916, a 1957 Malaya "Northern Johor Communist Committee Party Circulation Note" With starting price of THB30,000 (RM3,000) and realized at a handsome  price of THB140,000.(RM14,000). I was out bidded.
Lot: 916
 An unlisted 1 Yuan uniface printed on white paper all in Chinese characters, center hammer and sickle over 5 pointed red star,dated on top right, 3 vertical characters to the right meaning "Circulation Note", denomination to the left, upper left serial number in manuscript "0633", 12 characters below meaning "Malaya Northern Johor Communist Committee Party " (MCP),last line Treasurer signed "Ma Li Ming", figure '1" in red at low left and low right.

LOT NO: 907
Another interesting lot was : LOT NO: 907 , a specimen of  Japanese military currency or JIM notes  issued by the Japanese Government and was  used in Southeast Asia during the WWII, there were the 1c., red colour in  AU condition; 1c., green, UNC. condition; Oceania ,OC1/2 Syilling, UNC.; and a scarce MB$1, in UNC condition.; all overprinted red "Mihon", with starting price of : THB 13,000(RM1,300) and hammered at THB35,000 (RM3,500),  again I was out bidded.


  1. HI,

    What do you won this time? can share share?


  2. Hi Green Tea,
    Glad to have your comments.
    I won't nothing but new friendships! I met numismatists from all regions. Good experience indeed.

  3. Hi Dickson,
    Wow the MCP note should be bidded by our government as a part of our historic relic! The regiment of 10th of MCP had had their headquarter in Kampung Awah, Temerloh if I am not mistaken, which where I do coming from. Sometimes I hope that I will stumbled upon a villagefolk who still keep a MCP note like this.

  4. Hi mnfaj,
    I wish you good luck!Haha!