Amazing Indonesia Uncut Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) 5 Cents Banknotes 1942-1945.

Rarity: Unique

I am very glad to be given a chance to view this extremely scarce Indonesia large sheet (160 pieces uncut) Japanese Invasion Money (JIM) 5 Cents Banknotes.

It was also an un-numbered 5 Cents Indonesia JIM banknotes.

This 180 pieces uncut 5 Cents JIM notes was purchased by  Mr. Wong Hon Sum, the President Of Asia Numismatic Society (Singapore) on 22nd June 1996 at Spink Singapore Auction with a realized price of USD3600 (RM9000).

Today market value should be worth at least S$720000 (RM180000).


  1. How does one come up with the conclusion on today's market value? Unless the same notes, or rather uncut notes, with the exact same condition are being traded at open market, there is no basis to put a price tag on it. This is probably the reason why most of the high value items are being marked as "Rare" in local catalogues. Just my observation and personal views. Not doubting your valuation.

    JIM notes were treated as junk after the war. Nowadays collectors are busy trying to get hold of the old junk, with many surfacing in huge blocks of uncirculated notes in auction.


  2. Hi Christopher,
    In one of the recent auction,a piece of very similar JIM note was realized at S$1200.(One piece without imprint Block Letters)