What Is The Meaning Of "Pidfort" In Numismatic ?

During my recent trip to Singapore to attend the Singapore Monetarium Auction, I was well received by Mr. Wong Hon Sum, the President Of Asia Numismatic Society (Singapore) and his committee member Mr.Oh.

Mr Oh, an aggressive numismatist,coins and banknotes dealer in Singapore, was very kind to give a copy of Mavin Coins and Banknotes Auction 32 which to be held in Singapore on this coming 3rd November 2012.

Before he hand over the copy of auction catalogue to me, he wanted me to explain the word "Pidfort" which was used to prescribed a French Indo-China Piastre 1947 copper-nickel coin in the catalogue.

I am sharing this numismatic terminology with you.

A piedfort or piedforte (commonly misspelled as piefort),it means literally any coin struck on an unusually thick planchet as a trial piece or essay, is a coin often exactly twice its normal weight and thickness. The name derives from a French word meaning "heavy weight".They are normally not circulated, and only struck for presentation purposes by mint officials for collectors or VIPs. (Wikipedia).


  1. Modern piedfort coins are issued by the Singapore mint. Really love the chunky feel of heavy coins :D

    Pictures of a piedfort next to it's regular counterpart.


    So far I'm not aware if BNM has ever issued a piedfort coin.

  2. Hi aaronapng,
    To my knowledge,BNM has never issued any Piedfort coin yet.