Counterfeit Malaya 1941 King George VI-5 Cents Banknote.

Malaya 1941 King George VI Five Cents Banknotes was signatured by H.Weisberg,the Chairman of Commissioners. It was printed by Thomas De La Rue & Co. and this note  was the legal tender for five cents in the Straits Settlements and Malay States. It was dated 1-7-1941 on the obverse of the note and blank on the reverse.

I was told there were counterfeits notes circulating in the market.On my recent trip to Singapore,I was lucky to find two pieces in uncirculated condition.I am still puzzled why and for what reasons, someone wanted to counterfeit such a low value notes?


  1. Why the small denominations questioned the choice to be counterfeit banknotes in the past ?, I think at that time, 5 cents was able to buy nasi lemak + coffee. It's just paper. Unlike nowaday , today 50 sen counterfeit coins is all around among us, but the question is the same, what can we buy for 50 sen today?

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for dropping by.
    You are right,I like it:What can we buy for 50 sen today?
    Thinking for many minutes,still no answer!
    Happy weekend !

  3. Just wanna mean time let you know since you're an expert...
    I found an extra dot on a 2010 50 sen
    I don't know this coin is documented or not...
    nor knowing it as a special coin...tq

  4. "Dot" on coin is a die variety error and can happen on coins from all years.
    We called it a Die Gouge Error.You may search :"Die Gouge Error" on my blog.

  5. Hi Sifu,

    How to differentiate this 5 cents between original and counterfeit ? wats the major diff ? Can share with us ?

    Aw Yong

  6. Hi Aw Yong,
    Pay attention on the colour, details and sharpness of the notes.

  7. Hello sifu, recently I came across with a 1941 50 cent Malaya banknotes with missing colour on the observe and center of the banknote paper . To be more clear, the missing colour is located under the "fifty cent" denomination. The one with the abstract. The abstract is there but the colorful colour is not. So I just wandering if this banknote issued is an error or just another counterfeit? Thanks sifu. - Joe

  8. Hi Joe,
    Hope you can send me an image to do a better authentication for you!

  9. Hi, how much is the 50 cent Malaya notes worth assume at very good condition?

  10. Twilight7373,
    They are varieties, best to refer to Steven Tan Catalog or K N Boon Catalog!