Malaysia Parliament Series 1986 One Cent Variety.

Few days ago, Master Saran Singh visited my Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya, he sought my help to find a set of 1986 one cent coin variety for him.

I was aware and did collected a set of 1986 one cent "OPEN" 6 and "CLOSE" 6 die variety in my collection.

What is a Die Variety ? A die variety is any variation in the normal design of a given coin, usually caused by errors in the preparation or maintenance of the coin dies.

Typical die varieties include doubled dies; repunched mintmarks and dates; variations in the placement or alignment of mintmarks, letters and numbers, devices, etc.

Special thanks to Joy Marius of JM Collection who contributed an other set of this 1986 one cent "OPEN" 6 and "CLOSE" 6 die variety in my collection.


  1. Hi Mr Dickson,
    This is the one of the obvious Device Die Variety that we can find in our coins. Other than that, like the 2002 Big 0, and 1998 Big 8.

    I share some of the varieties that I noted in my blog too. Please drop a visit. :)


  2. Hi mnfaj,
    Thank you for sharing Bro mnfaj.See you in MNS Auction 154.

  3. Hi,
    Mr Dickson,

    Check with you 1986 open 6 easy to find or close 6 easy to find ...Or both also difficult to find in the market...

    Thanks and regards

  4. Hi
    Mr Dickson,
    Check with you which one more difficult to find open 6 or close 6 or both also difficult to find..

    Thanks and regards

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    Both are equally difficult especially in Uncirculated in condition