Unlisted  $1.00 1974 Genting  Highlands Copper-Nickel Token


"If one decides to go into contemporary exonumia, the best place to start is to go to Genting Casino, at least in the Malaysian context." said   Nu Coins and Notes.

I was convinced by this statement made by  Nu Coins and Notes. so I start my collection. To collect Genting Highlands Tokens in bigger denominations. i.e. 50 cents and $1.00 are not an easy task today.

Few days ago ,I found a piece of Genting Highlands $1.00 Token in copper-nickel material. It is an unlisted Genting Token. In  Master Saran Singh's book of "THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE COINS  OF MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND BRUNEI 1400-1967" ,this $1.00 Token in copper-nickel material is not listed. There were $1.00 of  copper-nickel (SS48) and copper (SS49) images listed but not of this design. Same size of 30mm in diameter but the weigh are differed. Item SS48 (Copper-nickel) weighed at 12.2gm, item SS49 (Copper) weighed at 12.5gm but my new found item was weighed at 13.01gm.

Hope to discover more unlisted Genting Highlands Tokens.

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  1. Dear Sifu,

    I have not been here on your site for a few weeks. Just come back from a vacation to Indonesia.

    I really need your help to verify if the coins i purchased from ebay recently was a fake or genuine.

    Ebay sent me an email tonite stating one of the coins which i lost during bidding have been delisted.

    Pls visit here to see the pictures: http://malaysia-coin.blogspot.com/2012/12/unknown-old-chinese-coins.html

    thanks in advance,

  2. Hi seri,
    Sorry for not being able to help because I am not good China coinage.However, you may bring your coins to me to check the weigh and refer to China coin catalogue for its value.

  3. I wish you many many lucks in your journey!

  4. Hi mnfaj,
    Same to you and your lovely girl-girl.