Indonesia 100000 Rupiah Extra "Flag" Error Note


Sheets of currency paper are cut into individual notes once the sheets are fully printed. In some cases, a sheet will be folded over or under itself after the printing steps have been completed but prior deliver to the cutting station. A corner or edge of a printed sheet may be folded down or bent back if the sheet exits its final printing stage off-track or out of alignment.

Error Note, Front Unfolded
Error Note, Back
When the sheet is ultimately cut into individual notes, the folded or bent portion is cut along with the remainder of the printed note. Following the cutting step, the folded or bent portion unfolds and shows itself but remains attached to the regular note. The result of a cutting error is a note that has an extra paper flap or ''flag'' which often bears a portion of the printed design from an adjacent note or extraneous selvage that was intended to be cut away. In this case, the width and/or length of the note may extend well beyond the dimensions of a properly cut note.


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