Latent Images Of 2012 On M3S 5 Cents.


Latent Image  is a 'Security Feature' of the M3S denomination 50 sen that can be seen when the coin is tilted slightly.

I bought a piece of Malaysia 3rd Series (M3S) 2012 5 Cents coin carried a very similar latent image on the reverse from Mr.Sam Coleman. Mr.Sam, a very aggressive error coins collector came to visit my Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya after he was strongly recommended by Raymond Chang of Maju Junction.Raymond told him I am a craze error coins collector.

Sam showed me his collection,explained each and every piece of his collection to me and I bought this coin from him.

The latent liked image of 2012 on this M3S  5 Cents coin only can be seen if it is slightly tilted.
I think it could be the derivation of a die struck on a minted coin out of collar in the coin press prior this coin.

A coin was struck in normal process but it felt back on the anvil die after it was ejected. It was struck again as a Off Center Double Strike  Error coin. The earlier struck details on the coin formed  incused images on the hammer die like a die clash error,subsequent planchets come into the coin press will be struck by this hammer die,hence it resulted this coin with a latent liked images.

There were also traces of images of obverse shown on the front of this coin but are too light for me to catch with camera.

I took almost 20 pieces of photos but failed to show the image of "2012" on this coin.Ultimately with the help of Miss Reiko Teoh and Mr.James Tong only caught the image successfully.Thank you very much to both of you.

Another piece was found with fb Koleksi Pn Ila.


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