Malaysia Parliament Series 1971 10 Cents coin. How Rare?

 Malaysia first series of 10 Cents coin dated 1971 minted with total mintage of 32236 pieces. Standard Catalog of Word Coins by kp is listed at 40,000 pieces. I choose to believe the total mintage figure listed by the local coin catalogs because this information was supplied by Bank Negera Malaysia.

How rare is this coin? I would to share my very own experience.
I started the search of 1971 10 Cents coin when I was still in standard four.I was studied in Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina, Telok Kemang, Port Dickson. My mother was the school canteen operator. We used to have average of twenty to thirty ringgit of coins in our daily collection. I was asked by my brother to screen  through every 10 cents coins daily without fail. For six consecutive years of searching, I found only a piece of 1971 10 Cents coin from normal circulation.

The rest of my 1971 10 Cents coins in my collection later were bought from collectors.

Personally, I would like to thank the Singaporean  dealer who "custodied" about not less 3,000 pieces of our 1971 10 Cents coins during then and sold  them back to us in the later years. If not, I am very sure I need to pay much more than our current market price for a piece of 1971 10 Cents coin in uncirculated condition in any varieties.


  1. l work at a sundry shop for 4 years.Every day during my account closing I try look for this 10 cent 1971 coin, found none.

  2. Hi Datuk ishar abdul latif,
    I was told if your shop located in JB, you will have a better chance!
    Kesian! No wonder I saw the lens in your spectacle are so thick! Haha!