Malaysia Parliament Series 1971 10 Cents Variety III


In early 80's, when I was just a newbie coin collector, I still remembered that 1971 10 Cents is a must collect coin, it was priced at RM30, later went up to RM80.When someone from down south came out with hundred pieces for sale, the price dropped to RM50.

The price climbed slowly and steady to RM180 after the millennium year and until 2009. Since then its selling price leaped from RM250 (2010) to RM280 (2011), followed by RM350 in 2012 and now we are looking at RM500 for an BU piece. In 2012, a graded MS65 1971 10 Cents coins was realised at SD300 (RM750) in Collectors Auction House, Singapore.

Lately,they are a lot of controversial and contradictory comments on Malaysia Parliament Series 1971 10 Cents coin Variety I (VI) and Variety II (VII).

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They claimed that 1971 VI is a result of worn dies of 1971 VII or VI is derivation of a worn out coin of VII.

They even claimed that 1971 10 Cents VII (Proof like) is fake coin make in Thailand.

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I would like to suggest that if you want to make a comments, please make sure you have do a in depth and thorough study  on it and with concrete proof. Do not simply comment with your own assumption or hearsay. At least make a simple survey and talk to experience collectors or dealers.Accept other people's comments with respect. Don't be snobbish and arrogant !

Beside 1971 10 Cents Variety I (VI) and Variety II (VII), that is 1971 10 Cents Variety III (VIII).

The obvious features on these coins are:

The 1971 10 Cents  Variety VI and III  were mostly circulated, to get an UNC piece is not an easy task.There are with more rounded rim and edge,the planchets are more yellowish in colour. Most of these intended for circulation 1971 10 Cents coins were released in Kuching and Johor Bahru.

The 1971 10 Cents Variety II is "Proof like" looked and with square rim-edge. I was told there were specially minted intended for making 5000 sets of 1971 commemorative coin set.

This can be true because other denominations such as 1 Cent,5 Cents,20 Cents,50 Cents,$1.00 for circulation and Proof were readily minted.They can even add in the commemorative coins the copper-nickel $5.00 Proof and Non Proof & $100 1971 Tunku Gold Proof and Non Proof coin to make a premium set. However, for some good reasons that only God knows,they dropped the project.Then subsequently, most of these "Proof like" 1971 10 Cents were landed in a "custody" of a dealer from Singapore. Later years, these coins were sold back by batches to collectors in Malaysia with premium.

Another feature to identify The 1971 10 Cents Variety VII (Proof Like) is at the legend of "MALAYSIA". That is a "Dot" at the alphabet "L" in the "MALAYSIA".

How about 1971 10 Cents Variety III (VIII)

1971 10 Cents Variety III (VIII): Likely it could be the result of a Recut or Retool Die Errors. A die that was being used in the coining press for sometime,when a die becomes "old" or "aged",it has to be retooled. A new Mint when starts to operate can cause a lot of technical problems,quality problems,material problems... etc, retool dies can be quite common.

It exhibited an image looked like a "step" on the inner circle of the "0" of denomination "10".So far, I had seen two pieces only.You may check your 1971 10 cents Variety I in your collection,may be it is a Variety III.Good luck to you!


  1. Hai mr Dickson, great new information about detailed varieties for this 10c 1971.

    Btw, can you share what camera or technique did you used to capture those wonderful close up picture?

    would really appreciate it.

    Thanks sir

  2. Hi Mr. Danny,
    Thank you for the good comments.
    I am using Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Model's micro mode.

  3. You are absolutely right Dickson sifu! There are V3 of 1971. I bought one just now. Any idea how much it worth?