Malaysia 6th Series ZU Replacement Note Sold For RM40600.00


A Malaysia 6th series (1986-1995) 100 ringgit ZU replacement note,signed by Bank Negara Governor Tan Sri Dato' Jaffar Bin Hussein and printed by United States Banknote ZU0000005 was sold in recent Mavin Auction No.33 on 29 March 2013 for a new record price of SGD16247.00 (RM40600.00 including buyer's premium and 7% GST on buyer's premium)

It was graded by Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) as PMG Choice AU58 EPQ (Exceptional Paper Quality). It is a very low serial number replacement banknote.

I was extremely happy today because the Singaporean proud owner of  this very rare ZU RM100 replacement banknote purposely brought his rare collection visited my Dickson Niew Collection Corner (DNCC) at Subang Jaya this afternoon. He wants me to take a good look before he return it to his "Strong Room" of a bank in Singapore. I am really and sincerely feel thankful for his kindness and generosity rendered to me.

This Malaysia 6th series (1986-1995) 100 ringgit ZU replacement note is always on the top list of banknotes sought after by Malaysia banknotes serious collectors. I was told by local renown banknotes collectors,the number of pieces available for this ZU replacement note are extremely low. The highest serial number recorded is ZU0000027,it is in the possession of a Klang numismatist.


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