Elliptical Clip Rare Planchet Errors.


A planchet or coin that appears oval in shape, much like a rugby ball. This is another very rare type of clip and is created much like an incomplete clip error except the over-lapping punch was complete. A crescent clip and an elliptical clip are often formed at the same time when  incomplete clip finally breaks apart and both pieces are struck.If you have an incomplete clipped error coin that appears ready to break apart do not break it apart thinking you will create an elliptical and a crescent clip coin. These pieces must separate before they are struck to qualify!. If you break apart an incomplete clip you have just damaged your valuable error coin,thereby diminishing its value significantly.

I bidded this Great Britain 1/2 Penny, Elliptical Clip error coin, Graded MS 64 Red Brown by America ANA grading house in recent MNS Auction No.155 held on 24 March 2013 at Malaysia National Museum. I paid at reserved price of RM100 since nobody is bidding against me. I think it was a good bargain because the cost of encapsulation is already costs RM170. Maybe I am just too lucky!


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