Malaysia Rare Transitional Error 1976 Copper Cent Realised At S$2600 On Mar 27th, 2013 Singapore Monetarium Auctions.


MALAYSIA. Copper : 1-Sen 1976 (KM1) PCGS MS 65 RD 
This high graded;PCGS MS 65 RD Transitional Error Malaysia 1976 Copper Cent was put on Monetarium Auction on 27th March 2013 for an estimated price of S$1500 to  S$1700. However it was realised with another new record hammered price of S$2600. With a Buyer's Premium of 15% (S$390) plus 7% GST (S$27.30) on Buyer's Premium to be added to the successful bid, the buyer is paying at a total price of S$3017.30.(RM7543.25) for this rare cent.

During Mavin International Auction, Singapore on 16 July 2011, a Malaysia 1976 Copper Cent was realised at S$1,400 (RM3500) (excluding Buyer's Premium of 15% and  7% GST)

Followed by  Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction No. 149 held On 26 September 2011 at Malaysia National Museum, Kuala Lumpur, one uncirculated piece was sold at a hammered price of RM3,600 (S$1440). 
Then on 28th July 2012, another piece with NGC graded MS63 RB was sold for S$1500 (RM3750)  (excluding Buyer's Premium of 15% and  7% GST) at Collectors Auction House's inaugural auction in Singapore. (The buyer had just visited me today at Dickson Niew Collection Corner at Subang Jaya few hours ago).
Although in Steven Tan's Standard Catalogue of Malaysia,Singapore, Brunei Coin And Paper Money, it was listed that this Malaysia rare Transitional Error Malaysia 1976 Copper Cent only 100 pieces  known to exist, to my knowledge, so far my gathered information are about 75 pieces known to exist but only less then 50 pieces are in uncirculated condition. May be there are more pieces still running loose out there, good luck to you to find them.


  1. Hi..I have two 1976 1 cent coin in my collection. both have slight color differentiation. one weight in at 1.6gm and the other at 2.0gm Can you tell me how to judge if one of this may be the rare traditional error coin?

  2. Jeffrey,
    The actual weight for copper cent is.1.94gm and copper clad steel is 1.74gm. Use magnets, if not attracted to magnets then is a copper cent!