Is My Coin Gradable?

1976 Bronze MS64RD
Why the grading company still charged me when they didn't grade my coins?  

If a coin falls into one or more of this categories, it will be returned unslabbed. 

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1967 50 Cents Coins Milled Edge

Rim Nick - A minor rim nick might cause a coin to be downgraded a point or two. A severe rim nick will cause a coin not to be graded. Obviously, the smaller the coin is, the less severe a rim nick is allowed to be in order for the coin to remain gradable

Environmental Damage - This is a catchall phrase for any defect which isn't mint caused, and isn't covered in the other categories. Some examples include corrosion, porosity, and PVC that has eaten into the coin's metal. Many gold coins have been recovered from shipwrecks, and some of these coins have been damaged by currents in the salt water which can create a sandblast effect.

Damaged - Coins exhibiting unusual damaged such as re-engraving of detail, initials scratched onto the coin, solder on the rim, or heavy and/or numerous cuts, digs or scratches.

Questionable Authority/Not Genuine - A coin deemed to be a counterfeit or reproduction. Most of these aren't even legal to own.
1968 50 Cents Milled Edge Coin

PVC - A coin designated as having PVC (polyvinychloride) if caught early enough can be easily remedied. PVC leaves as slimy or oily greenish film which can usually be removed by dipping the coin either in acetone or Trichlorotriflouroethane Neutral Coin Solvent (available from E&T Kointainer Co., Box 103, Sidney, Ohio, 45365). Many coins stored in soft vinyl flips, that are not inert, experience a chemical reaction and the ensuing PVC problem. If a coin you submit is returned due to PVC, you probably have nothing to worry about. It takes many years (often decades) for PVC to permanently damage most coins. The major grading services don't encapsulate coins with even minor traces of PVC. This is simply because they don't want this damage to occur after the coins are in their holders (for obvious reasons). PCGS and most other services allow you to resubmit any coin rejected due to PVC, for only $10.00. Just remove the PVC, and resubmit the coin along with the PVC flip.
Minimum Grade - This one is obvious. If you submit a coin and specify that it is not to be encapsulated unless it received your designated minimum grade,it won't be; but you still must pay the submission fee, since the coin went through the grading process.

NCI, NGC, ANACS, Hallmark, and PCGS utilizes all of the above-mentioned "no grade" categories and they will not, under any circumstances, grade coins that are questionable as to authenticity.

Source:James L.Halperin,How To Grade U.S. Coins 


  1. Can coins be sent to NCS for conservation before submission to NGC?

    To remove PCV or other contamination before grading.