Malaysia Parliament House Series 1968 50 Cents Milled Edge Coin With Straight Clip Errors

Everybody in numismatic was talking about the 1969 50 Cents coin in UNC condition was realised with a handsome sum of RM2,800 in our recent MNS Auction No.157 held at Museum Negara on 29th September 2013.The next issue there were also concerned was how much will the 1969 50 Cent Milled Edge (ME) going to cost them to pay now.

Today, I am going to show you yet an other rare item, a Parliament House Series 1968 50 Cents Milled Edge coin with Straight Clipped Planchet Error.For a numismatist to find a piece of 50 cents coin struck with milled edge (ME) is already a tough task, not to mention this rare coin came with an errors.
It was in the custody of a very senior collector since many years ago.If not because of his kindness allowed me to inherit his rare collection, as a coin collector only since 2007,I will not, by any chance to find one in the current market.
It has fulfilled all the criteria to be graded as a genuine errors.I have also presented to a few very experienced senior collectors, all of them confirmed its authenticity.

Straight Clip Error
A straight clip error occurs when the planchet for a coin is stamped from an end of a roll of metal being used. Resulted a blank planchet with a straight edge.When this planchet was stamped with details of the coin, it exhibited a coin which has a straight clip error. This can take place when the timing on the machine feeding the roll of metal and the machine stamping the planchets are slightly out.
You can differentiate a genuine mint error and a post mint fake error by looking at the clip. On a genuine error you would expect to see the details nearer to the clip to fade away. On a fake it would just come to a sudden end. If you look closely at the rim, dentils closed to the clipped edge faded. This would not happen on a post mint error coin. Another way to tell if the coin is a genuine straight clip error is to examine the clipped end. On a genuine error the clipped end of the planchet will be thinner. This takes place when the details of the coin are stamped onto the planchet.,because there is a gap between  the collar die and the clipped edge,the pressure of the strike will make the planchet thinner.


  1. Simply mind blowing.. Rare item.. Congrats boss..