Malaysia Parliament House Series 1968 One Cent Coin With Split Planchet Before Strike Errors.
Malaysia 1st series one cent copper coin minted in 1968 is an other rare date in Malaysia Parliament House Series one cent coins collection because the total mintage is only 10,500,000 pieces,the second lowest after year 1970,with 2,535,000 pieces in total mintage.

A piece of 1968 one cent copper coin in brilliant uncirculated condition may cost you more then hundred ringgit today.This is a piece found by Mr.Utam Singh, a senior numismatist from Selangor,with Split Planchet Before Strike Errors.
The coin above is an example of a split planchet. Planchets can split before or after the coin is struck. The example above was split before the strike. A split cent planchet is usually the result of deep laminations due to poorly mixed metals or impurities.

Split planchet errors are normally restricted to planchets composed of a solid alloy.Split planchet errors should not be confused with "separation errors", which only affect clad and plated coins. Separation errors are bonding errors, not alloy errors.

A coin struck on a split planchet will always weigh less than a normal coin.In this case, it was weight only at 1.54gm.(Normal:1.94gm).

A coin struck on a split-before-strike planchet will show a pattern of striations on the split face. The texture of the striations varies from coarse to fine. If a strike is unusually strong, most of the striations may be effaced. However, most split-before-strike planchets show a weak strike, because the thinner planchet is closer to the minimum die clearance.
The striations are readily apparent.


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