Malaysia $1.00/RM1.00 (1989-1996) Coin With 4-In-1 Striking Errors.
A piece of undated Malaysia $1.00/RM1.00 brass planchet with a metallic element of  85% Copper (Cu),10% of Zinc (Zn) and 5% of Tin (Sn), diameter: 24.5mm, weight:9.3gm was struck with four different type of errors. There are:
1) Broadstruck (Obverse)
2) Uniface (Reverse)
3) Double Struck (Obverse)
4) Off Center Strikes (Reverse).

A broadstruck error occurs when a coin is struck in the absence of the collar die. The collar die forms the rim and edge of a coin and ensures that it emerges from press with the proper shape and diameter.When the collar is absent or in an incorrect position, the coin will be distorted and expend dramatically since there is nothing to contain the extreme pressure generated by the press during striking.
The strikes that created this error have caused the coin to expand to the size of a Malayisa 50 Cents coin.

Uniface Strikes
Uniface coins are the result of two blank planchets entering the press at the same time.During striking, one of the planchet obstructs the other and prevents it from receiving an impression from one of the dies.
There are many different variations of uniface errors.In addition to coins with a completely blank obverse or reverse, this is one uniface strikes errors on off center coin.

Double Strikes
When a blank planchet is struck by the dies, the normal procedure is for the feeders to eject the struck coin out of the collar and into a chute. If there is a malfunction and the struck coin is not ejected, it may received a second strikes from the dies.Double struck coins can be found in combination with many other types of errors and are often very dramatic.
The second strike feature a Double Struck Error that is 90% Off Center between 3 and 5 o'clock on the obverse.

Off-Center Strikes 
Off-center coins are one of the most common and widely recognized errors in the numismatic market. This type of error is created when a planchet is improperly fed into the press and is not seated perfected in the collar. When the dies strike the planchet, only that part of the planchet that overlays the collar will receive a portion of the coin's design.

It features a 90%  Off-Center Struck that is at the position of 7 and 9 o'clock on the reverse.
This Malaysia $1.00/RM1.00 coin was no longer be a legal tender  from 7th.December.2005.


  1. Saya rasa cuma 3 in 1 ERROR sbb yang 'off-center' itu sebenarnya bahagian reverse 'Double Struck'..Hanya pendapat Newbie...
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