The Coins Of Malik as-Saleh. Gold Kupang.(1/4 Mas)
Rarity:RR/GEF ( J.Leytan. Page 46/47)
Malik as Saleh founded Samudra elsewhere after the argument with his older brother.He remains subordinated to his older brother or dares not to challenge him further.

This explains why the obverse of his coin does not contain the titled Malik at-Tahir, and also why he is not mentioned as Sultan on the tombstones of his offspring.

No small coins by Malik as-Saleh are known.It can be assumed that this Sultan struck coins approximately between 1290-1297, starting later than Ahmad I and Munawar.

On the obverse is: "Salah ad-Din".
"Salah ad-Din".

On the reverse is : "As-Sultan al-Adil"
As-Sultan al-Adil"
Diameter: 10mm.
Weight:    0.62gm.
Composition: Gold.


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