MNS AUCTION No.158 22-12-2013  
CAUGHT You On Camera !  Part (2)
Special thanks to Mr.Selvam and Mr.Vishnu who has been helping me through out this MNS Auction No.58. on 22-12-2013. Another special thanks to Mr.KK Ng, who is always without fail, present at our Auction helping us from the start to the end at the auction.

A very special thanks to all dealers who were at the bourse tables, to all MNS members and new MNS members who attended and got registered themselves at our auction, not to forget to thanks to all public members, Sin Chew Daily reporters who were present at our auction.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
To view the realised prices of all auction items, you are invited to visit my Blog: Niewmismatic Error Coins, these are the links: 


  1. Thanks for the pics! And kudos to all the committee members of MNS for making the society's 158th auction a successful one!

  2. Hi Derek Ho,
    Thank you for dropping by. Thank you for attending the MNS Auction and be a part of numismatic word.Best regards and Happy New Year to you,and your beloved family. Say "hi' to Victor.

  3. Hi Dickson, sorry took so long to reply. I posted but somehow was not published. But anyways, thanks a lot for the guidance. Was glad we had the chance to join in this eveny n was indeed a successful one. Will see u soon. Merry belated christmas n Happy new year to u n family. Have a great year ahead!! Cheers! Victor.

  4. Hi Victor,
    Thank you,Happy New Year to you and your beloved family too.