Unlisted Johore Gold Kupang Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah II (1571-1597)

Johor is located in the southern tip of Peninsular of Malaysia as well as the most southern point of the Asian Continent. The name of Johor originated from the Arabic word Jawhar which means jewel. It is also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Takzim ( Abode of Dignity).
This is a Round gold coin ( kupang ) from Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah II era. Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah II was the 4th Sultan of Johor who reigned from 1571 to 1597 CE.

The Sultanate of Johor was founded by Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah II , the son of exiled last Sultan of Malacca ( Sultan Mahmud Shah) in 1528 CE. Johor was part of Malaccan Sultanate prior to Malacca occupation by Portuguese in 1511 CE.

Ali Jalla Abdul Jalil Shah II was the Sultan of Johor from 1571 to 1597. Ali Jalla Abdul Jalil Shah II married Fatima Raja the sister of Muzaffar II of Johor who was the sultan of Johor. On Muzaffars death, Ali Jalla and Fatimas son Abdul Jalil I of Johor became the sultan. He died less than a year later and Ali Jalla was then made the sultan. During Johors reign Johor Lama was rebuilt and became a major center of trade in the Malay Peninsula. In 1576 and 1578 the Portuguese tried to take it over but were repulsed both times.

Died In 1597, Sultan Ali Jalla Abdul Jalil Shah II died in Batu Sawar and referred to as "the late Stone Barrier".  

Obverse: In Arabic "Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah"

Reverse: In Arabic "Khalifatul Muminin" (Ruler Of the faithful)
Edge: Plain.

Weight : 0.67gm

Diameter : 14mm

Composition: Gold (Round)

Rarity : RRRR, Unlisted ( similar to SS9 except round shape

Thanks to Tuan Haji for sharing.


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