Kedah Gold Kupang-Sultan Rijaluddin (1625-1651) Unlisted
KEDAH  Unpublished Gold Kupang Rijaluddin (1625-1651).
This is a gold coin from Sultan Rijaluddin Shah era. He reigned Kedah from 1625 - 1651 CE. Kedah is located in the northwestern part of Peninsular of Malaysia. The name of Kedah originated from the Sanskrit word Kadaram. It is also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Aman ( Abode of Peace). The sultanate was the earliest one on the Malay Peninsular as well as one of the oldest Sultanate in the world. The kingdom began in 630CE as a Hindu Kingdom which the first king was Maharaja Derbar Raja who originally a defeated Persian king of Gemeron ( Bandar Abbas) who fled to Kedah. The people of Kedah found him to be a very smart & tactical man, so they entrusted him to lead them as the king of Kedah. This kingdom is a Hindu kingdom however we couldn't find in any history book in regards to the faith of Maharaja Derbar Raja.

In 630 CE, Gemeron is part of Sassanian Kingdom which Zoroastrian is the main religion. Towards the end of 11th century, the 9th Kedah Hindu king, Dubar Raja II renounced Hinduism and converted to Islam. He adopted an Islamic name, Sultan Muzafar Shah and continued ruling Kedah from 1136 to 1179 CE. This sultanate continues to rule till today. This mean the present Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Abdul Halim Muzaffar Shah has a direct link back to not just the first Kedah Sultan, Sultan Muzaffar Shah (1136CE) but also to the first Hindu Sultan , Maharaja Derbar Raja ( 630CE). Try to imagine someone with unbroken family lineage since 630CE till now.

Unbelievable!! As for this coin is concerned, the history of this coin is not yet published. When Saran Singh wrote his Coin Encyclopedia, this type of coin wasn't discovered yet. In his book, he only mentioned the coin during the time of Sultan Rijal was made of tin (pg254). Similar remark can be found in Bank Negara Malaysia coin catalog , Kedah & Perlis Currency Heritage ( pg 36). Until recently this coin emerged and was recognized as the product of Sultan Rijal Dewa Shah of 1625 CE.

In Arabic "Sultan / Rija’ il"

In Arabic "Shah / Dewa"

Condition: EF

Weight: 0.63grammes.

Diameter: 10mm.

Composition: Gold

Rarity: RRRR

Code: SSxx (Unlisted) 

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