Malaysia Parliament House Series 1973-1988 Cent With Full Brockage Error.
This is one of my most recent acquisition of Full Brockage Struck Error coin. A one cent Malaysia Parliament House Series in Copper-Clad Steel Planchet. The composition of Copper-Clad Steel planchets with a image of Parliament House on the obverse are used to mint One Cent coin from second half of 1973 to 1988.
A brockage occurs when a coin is struck and then sticks to the die, in this case, the hammer die.Then a new planchet is fed in and struck.The original coin that was stuck then acts as a sort of die and leaves an incuse reverse image (Obverse design-the Parliament House) on the other side of the second coin.

A brockage error can only occur when there are two coins involved. One of the coins involved will always be a struck coin which has not ejected properly. That struck coin will find its way back between the dies and will be struck next to a blank planchet which was fed into the collar. The image of that first struck coin will be impressed into that side of the blank planchet. The result will be a second coin which has images of the first coin impressed into it. Those images will be pressed into the coin and the image will be in reverse. This incuse sunken image is known as a brockage.

Example Of An Incuse Sunken Image
The most sought after type are the "full" or "mirror" brockage, where the image is fully centred and a mirror of the opposite side.

This 21st Edition of The Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money catalogue will be sold at RM93.00. (US$29.00)
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