MY1234567 RM10.

Malaysia Banknote RM10 With Prefix MY1234567.

The "MY" prefix can be very interesting to collect by Banknotes collectors because it is an acronym of Malaysia. It is just like the Singaporean are very interested to collect banknotes with "SG" prefix and the Chinese love to collect banknotes with "CN" prefix.
Today, my long lost numismatic friend cum customer called me to tell me about his RM10 with "MY" prefix and consecutive progression "Ladder" number, i.e. 1234567.

A serial number that contains a consecutive progression or regression of numbers is called a "Ladder" numbers. There are an increasing uptrend of local collectors who are looking forward to collect the banknotes with "Ladder" numbers on various denomination of RM1,RM2,RM5, RM10, RM20, RM50 and RM100. The prices for these "Ladder" number banknotes are relatively more expensive.

Really the only true ladder is a serial number than contains a prefix letter then 1234567. True ladders are rare and command a premium. It is easy for someone to spot serial number XX0000001 and realize it is valuable. It takes a much keener eye to consider saving a banknote with "Ladder" numbers.

There are also many other examples of ladders. Some people would consider AA0012345 to be a ladder. Others might call AA0034567 a ladder. The next closest thing to a true ladder in terms of value is the true reverse, backwards, or step down ladder. It looks like AA7654321 in its best form. Reverse ladders are fun, but they are always less desirable than up ladders.

A cheap form of a ladder comes in the “broken” ladder. It reads something like AA1200304. Some people like these, but they are really just more affordable versions of what people really want. Some collectors may even collect the “scrambled ladder.” The scrambled ladder consists of 7 unique numbers, like AA6237514. To my opinion these notes don’t carry a premium.

This 21st Edition of The Standard Catalogue Of Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei Coin & Paper Money catalogue will be sold at RM93.00. (US$29.00)
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