Malaya Sultanate Terengganu Debased Gold Kupang.
Terengganu Coins (1700-1921)
Terengganu was an important trading centre in the 14th century. Gold Mas and Kupang coins were minted in Terengganu. There appears to have been only three varieties of the gold coins. The first, a gold Kupang, was dated 1120 Ah (1708). The second variety consisted of an octagonal gold Mas and the third, a gold Kupang; both of these are undated.

Prior to 1700, the States of Terengganu consisted of numerous petty chiefdoms claimed by the rulers of Johore as part of their territories inherited from the former Malacca Empire. The Terengganu Sultanate was founded in 1700, when Zainal Abidin Shah, the Sultan of Johore’s younger half-brother, was installed as its ruler.

Only three varieties of gold coins are attributed to Terengganu. These were issued during one or two reigns. Both the emas and the kupang, minted in the octagonal shape, closely resembled the Johore trading currency. Octagonal gold emas and kupang coins were first issued in 1708/9 by Zainal Abidin Shah I, the first Sultan of Terengganu.

Around 1870, with the permission of the Sultan, the Chinese headmen or Kapitans were also permitted to issue monetary tokens known as Jokoh, for use in their areas of jurisdiction and gambling houses. The ability of these Kapitans to issue pewter Jokoh depended on the confidence of the public in the issuers’ ability to exchange the tokens for silver dollars on demand.
This is a piece of debased Terengganu "Gold" Kupang. Written in Arabic on the Obverse is "Sultan Zainal Abidin Shah", on the Reverse also written in Arabic is "Khalifatul Muminin 1120". My sifus told me that it looked like a debased (Gold + Copper or Silver in composition) and  a casted coin. It is a contemporary counterfeit coin, its weight is 0.35gram.They have seen a Patani-Kelantan Kijang, a Kedah and a Johore Kupang debased coins before, they were the casted contemporary forgeries "Gold" Kupang.
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